Case of Chongqing Dongsheng labor protection products Co., Ltd. selling counterfeit “3M” registered trademark labor protection products

in October 2010, the high tech Zone Branch of Chongqing Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce inspected the warehouse of Chongqing Dongsheng labor protection products Co., Ltd. according to the report of the right holder Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and found 37320 counterfeit “3M” registered trademark exclusive rights goods, involving masks, earplugs, masks, filter cotton, shelves and other labor protection products, The amount of illegal business reached 180000 yuan. According to the interpretation of the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several 1ssues concerning the specific application of law in handling criminal cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, the sale of counterfeit registered trademark goods by the parties concerned has reached the standard of criminal prosecution, and the industrial and commercial branch of the high tech Zone has transferred the case to the public security organ for handling

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