Category and industry distribution of protective gloves

Good hand protection is a necessary condition for safety and improving production efficiency. 1n order to meet the needs of all walks of life, application and dangerous environment design, a wide range of hand protective equipment is provided. These gloves are made of materials that are specific to the characteristics of the environment. Therefore, in the selection of hand protective equipment, we should do a good job in judging the characteristics of the industry working environment. Choose a good protection, do a good job in safety

mechanical protection:

material representative: Kevlar + foamed nitrile coating / natural rubber coating

main application industries: Automobile and transportation, metal processing, glass, machinery and equipment, construction and engineering, logistics and storage, electronics

protective features: these gloves are designed to prevent cutting, abrasion and piercing, 1t also provides the gripping performance of materials processed in dry or wet environment. These gloves also have different degrees of liquid permeability and various special properties, as well as dexterity and comfort

chemical protection:

material representative: nitrile rubber material

main use industries: chemical industry, pharmacy, maintenance, automobile and transportation, metal processing, construction and engineering, property services

protection features: designed to provide excellent splash or full immersion exposure protection, which can prevent the corrosion of various chemicals and liquids. These gloves can also provide different degrees of mechanical protection in harsh environments

Product worker protection:

material representative: ultra thin nitrile rubber material

main use industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic

protection features: these gloves are designed to protect products and workers in the environment with special management requirements. These gloves are suitable for a variety of uses, including pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms, electronics, food processing and food services

food processing protection:

material representative: PVC material (no powder)

main use industries: ready to sell packaging preparation, fruit and vegetable processing, deep processing zone, dairy processing

protective features: these gloves are designed to protect workers and products in food processing industry. Whether in wet, dry or oily environments, the unique grip design of materials can provide unparalleled grip. 1n addition to meet the grip, gloves also have the main characteristics needed in processing applications: flexibility and dexterity

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