causes of yellow soles of antistatic shoes

Some antistatic shoes in the use of a period of time, the sole began to slightly yellow, what is the reason for this

we all know that anti-static shoes are integrated with anti-static clothing, and ultimately discharge human static electricity to the ground through the contact between the sole and the ground. Anti static shoes protect the safety and health of production workers and ensure the quality of products. So if the sole of anti-static shoes has yellowing phenomenon, will it affect the performance of anti-static shoes

in fact, the reason for anti-static shoes yellowing is the sole material, which is PU material. U is a kind of polyurethane material, which is easy to be degraded when exposed to air. After a long time, it will turn yellow and hydrolyze, and gradually turn light yellow. With the passage of time, the sole will become more and more yellow. And the color of anti-static shoe sole yellowing is different, because the wearer is not the same

PU material is the main material for making anti-static shoes. 1t has the advantages of low density, soft texture, good elasticity, comfort and portability, and is suitable for workers who need to stand for a long time. The disadvantage is that the sole is easy to yellowing, which does not affect the anti-static performance of anti-static shoes. 1f the sole turns yellow, you can still use it safely

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