CCTV’s “light of science and technology” column group walks into the company of protective masks

Recently, the column group of CCTV’s 10th program “light of science and technology” went into the company of Zhongti Beili protective masks and conducted an in-depth interview on “new ways to control campus pollution”

campus is the place where children learn and grow up. The air quality environment of classroom has always been the concern of society, government, school and even every student’s parents. The pollution problems of carbon dioxide, PM2.5 and formaldehyde have become the current problems faced by primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. To solve the problem of environmental pollution is a protracted war. As the most vulnerable groups of children and young people, effective protective measures should be taken in the classroom and other public space where the principal is in school

running is the nature of children. We can’t imprison children’s free pace because of environmental pollution. Therefore, outdoor protection measures are particularly important. 1n the program, Zhang Lijun, chairman of the board of directors of the safety and health protection products committee, made a detailed treatment plan for China’s campus air environment. When the air pollution is serious, we should try to stay indoors and turn on the indoor air purification system, wear protective masks when traveling, turn on the internal circulation when riding, and clean the mouth and nose when returning home

how to choose a qualified haze mask

Zhang Lijun, chairman of the board of directors of the safety and health protection products committee of China tibergi respirator, pointed out that 95% of consumers lack the experience of choosing the right anti haze respirator and think that they just need to choose an ordinary respirator or a cotton respirator. This view is not correct. Most of the masks on the market generally have poor facial fit, high leakage rate and poor filtering effect, There are many problems such as high suction resistance. To choose a qualified protective mask, first, the face of the protective mask fits well, which will also reduce air leakage. Second, we need to see if the mask meets the national mask implementation standards. During the interview, chairman of the board of directors of China Tiberi demonstrated to us that China Tiberi kn95 is a qualified mask that meets the national standards and has a filtration effect of more than 95%. Third, the mask has good air permeability, and the suction resistance is 250 pa-350 Pa. this kind of mask will not produce the feeling of suffocation when wearing

finally, in an exclusive interview with Zhang Lijun, chairman of the board of directors of the protective mask, we learned that the indoor circulating fresh air system developed by the company has been launched, and the fresh air circulating system installed in some school classrooms has been recognized and praised by the school and parents. On August 23-25, this year, at the exhibition of the largest fresh air system in China at Beijing National Convention Center, the new indoor circulating fresh air system and in car circulating system developed by China Tibei will meet you

Xi dada said, “1 hope and believe. Through unremitting efforts, APEC blue can be maintained. ” Environmental protection is no longer a matter for any individual or department. 1t requires scientists to contribute scientific research achievements, entrepreneurs to bear social responsibility, regulatory agencies to enforce the law strictly and abide by the law, and every Chinese people to bear the responsibility of environmental protection. Let’s work together to make APEC blue forever

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