CDC is familiar with the use of protective clothing through competition

winter and spring are the high incidence seasons of respiratory infectious diseases, and emergency treatment can reduce the harm of infectious diseases to the body to the greatest extent when the disease breaks out. Recently, the center for Disease Control and prevention of the Development Zone conducted a “martial arts competition” for the emergency response team members to strengthen the emergency response team members’ mastery of the basic skills of wearing and taking off protective clothing and do a good job in personal protection

the reporter learned that all members of the emergency response team of the CDC of the Development Zone participated in the competition. The participants were divided into 9 groups, with two in each group. The judges were held by the directors of each department. According to the relevant person in charge of the CDC of the Development Zone, “this competition mainly tests two contents. One is the score of the program, and the standard degree of the players’ wearing and taking off protective clothing, which can effectively achieve the purpose of protection. The second is the speed score, that is, the speed of wearing and taking off protective clothing. The program score is based on the items sorting, masks, hats, protective clothing, protective glasses, rain boots and medical gloves

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