Ceramic clothes have antibacterial and health functions

nowadays, the materials that can be used to make clothes are more and more strange. Recently, it has been reported that ceramics can also be made into clothes to wear on the body. Moreover, studies have confirmed that such ceramic clothing not only has antibacterial effect on human body, but also has health care effects such as improving metabolism and promoting blood circulation

in our impression, ceramics are basically used to make bowls, cups and tiles. How can it be made into clothes? And why do these ceramic clothes have so many health functions? Our reporter interviewed Mr. Wu Jinqian, the main technical director of Beijing special ceramic functional products engineering research center

ceramic clothing can be made by melting nano ceramic powder into fiber

Mr. Wu explained that the ceramic bowls, cups and tiles we see everyday are made of many ceramic particles. These ceramic particles are from natural minerals, but their properties are not stable, so they are not suitable to be added to clothes. The ceramics we need to be able to make clothes must be extremely fine and have stable chemical properties. 1n order to achieve this goal, researchers use nanotechnology to decompose it into ultra-fine (nano) powder

how many nanometers are there? Mr. Wu gave reporters an example: a 1 nanometer object on a table tennis ball is like a table tennis ball on the earth. This is the concept of nanoscale length

when we make ceramic particles with only a dozen to dozens of nanometers, its chemical properties are very stable, and we can add various health care ingredients according to the actual needs. This kind of fine ceramic particles with stable properties are added to the fibers with a diameter of more than ten microns, and then these fibers are used to make cloth, and finally ceramic clothing can be made

the nano ceramic powder can be integrated with high polymer organic materials such as leather, rubber, cotton, hemp and silk only after it is coated with an organic film one by one

just like water and oil can not be integrated, inorganic materials and polymer organic materials can not be easily combined, but we know that ceramics belong to inorganic materials, and almost all the materials used to make clothing are polymer organic materials, such as cotton, hemp, silk, leather and so on. What can we do to ensure that they are not mutually exclusive and can play their respective roles

Mr. Wu Jinqian told reporters that after the unremitting efforts of the researchers in the fine ceramics Laboratory of Tsinghua University, a microcapsule coating technology was finally invented. This technology is to wrap each fine ceramic particle with a layer of organic film, and then melt them on the high polymer organic materials such as cotton, hemp, leather through more than 200 degrees of high temperature. 1n this way, inorganic ceramics and organic fibers can be combined to produce a variety of nano ceramic composite function of daily necessities

ceramic clothing can accelerate blood circulation and promote the human body to absorb more energy. This kind of health care clothing has appeared in the market

we know that infrared is a kind of light wave beneficial to human body, which can promote the metabolism of human body. Scientists have found that ceramics can emit infrared rays beneficial to human body at room temperature, and the infrared rays emitted by ceramics basically match the wavelength of infrared rays emitted by human body itself. 1n this way, when the ceramic is close to the human body, it can produce resonance phenomenon

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