Changing new environmental sanitation clothing in Shanghai can repel mosquitoes and prevent insects (picture)

the new city appearance and sanitation women’s wear is fashionable and beautiful

the reporter learned from the municipal green city appearance and sanitation bureau that 32700 front-line workers of the city appearance and sanitation industry in 18 districts and counties of Shencheng will change their new clothes and become a beautiful mobile landscape in the streets of Shencheng. So as to change the shortcomings of the past, such as the great differences in clothing and styles, confusion in logo, etc., and achieve the goal of “four cleaning” (cleaning, transportation, toilet cleaning, cleaning) work types, design, style, fabric, color, logo “five unification”. 1t is reported that such a large range of front-line sanitation staff to change uniform clothing is the first time in the country

Xu Wenfa, chairman of the trade union of the Municipal Bureau of greening and appearance, told the reporter that since the clothing of Shanghai’s appearance and sanitation workers was unified at the 2001 APEC meeting, the clothing of all districts has not been unified since then. The color, texture, style and logo are completely different and confusing. This year, in order to welcome the World Expo, the city appearance department for the first time in July solicited the “four clean” work clothes including cleaning, transportation, cleaning and toilet cleaning, hoping to create a fashionable and tidy image of the urban sanitation team by unifying the clothes. After that, the scheme solicitation was actively applied by the city and other provinces and cities. After selection and optimization design comparison, Shanghai Garment Group and other four companies won the bid successfully, and the final scheme was named “2010 style” environmental sanitation clothing

“we hope that the new city appearance and sanitation clothing will become a beautiful scenery in the Expo.” Xu Wenfa said. The reporter saw that the “2010 style” sanitation spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes are mainly composed of quiet blue, and are decorated with bright fluorescent green. The eye-catching reflective strip runs through them 360 degrees, which is beautiful and elegant, bright and concise. At the same time, it captures colors of four seasons. According to different seasons and types of work, the colors vary in depth, and are divided into different styles

the distinction between women’s wear and men’s wear is a highlight of “2010 style” sanitation clothing. There is no difference between men and women in the traditional sanitation clothes. Women workers generally feel generous when they wear them. The new environmental sanitation clothing beautifies women’s clothing and adds waist closing and other details to make it more beautiful

in the production of raincoat, mesh lining is used to ensure air permeability, comfort and no moisture. Enough to ensure that the sanitation workers can still work normally in case of heavy rain in Shanghai

360 degree reflective tape is used on the uniforms of front-line sanitation staff in four seasons, and the application part of reflective tape is moved up, which can significantly improve the visual effect. At the same time, the brim of the hat is lengthened for shading and ultraviolet protection; The edge of the cap is inlaid with fluorescent green, which greatly enhances the safety factor

after changing the new clothes, the sanitation workers will be free from the trouble of mosquitoes and flies biting and spreading diseases when they work next summer, thus ensuring the health of the front-line sanitation workers. 1t is revealed that the summer clothes of “2010 style environmental sanitation clothing” also have the function of anti mosquito. After wearing the new clothes, you don’t need to apply any insect repellent, you can achieve the effect of mosquito repellent. At the same time, the new clothes have the functions of anti insect, anti-bacterial and anti ultraviolet. They are colorless, tasteless and without side effects. Their pH value and formaldehyde meet the standards of children’s clothing. They also have the functions of anti drilling and anti light rain” 1t has been applied for invention patent by the State Patent Office, and has been tested and identified by the 1nstitute of parasitic disease prevention and control of China Center for Disease Control and prevention. The winter clothing not only meets the needs of the front-line employees to keep warm, but also takes into account the heat generated by the workers in the work, which has a good ventilation effect

“on the right chest of the toilet staff’s coat, they will also wear a” smiling face “badge to convey the concept of” family service. ” Xu Wenfa said

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