Changre phase 11 Company’s occupational health protection starts from details

this year marks the 10th anniversary of the promulgation of the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and the first year of the implementation of the newly revised law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases. 1n order to strengthen the occupational health protection of employees and effectively prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases, Huadian changre phase 11 company takes the prevention of occupational hazards as one of the important contents of “labor safety and technical protection measures” in order to effectively protect the health interests of employees

recently, led by the safety supervision department of the company, all departments participated in the surprise inspection on the wearing and use of labor protection articles. The key points of inspection are as follows: 1. Whether the safety helmet is correctly worn when entering the production site2. Whether safety belt is used for working at height; 3. Whether to wear insulating shoes and gloves during live working; 4. Whether to wear gas welding gloves, use goggles and protective mask during electric welding or gas welding operation; 5. Whether the operators of rotating machinery and equipment pay attention to “three tightness”, that is, tight sleeves, tight hem and tight trouser legs; 6. Whether the personnel engaged in dust, toxic, noise and other harmful operations should wear dust-proof, gas mask, noise earplug and other protective equipment

the company has always attached great importance to the occupational health and safety of employees. More than 300000 yuan is invested every year in the purchase of health labor protection articles, regular occupational health examination and occupational health training; 1n daily work, the inspection of the wearing of labor protection articles should be regarded as the content of daily safety inspection, and included in the monthly rewards and punishments; 1n addition, occupational hazard notification cards were added in more than 20 eye-catching positions on the production site

is doing all these fine moves and the mutual respect and cooperation of all levels of personnel. The occupation disease has always maintained a “zero incidence rate” since its establishment. Br / >
(Huang Yating, Hu Chunjuan)

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