Chaohu City, Anhui Province: 13 enterprises were put on file for investigation due to inadequate occupational health work

1n order to comprehensively strengthen the work of occupational health supervision and law enforcement, strictly investigate and punish all kinds of occupational health violations in accordance with the law, and improve the level of occupational health supervision, Chaohu City, Anhui Province has designated 2018 as the “year of occupational health law enforcement”, which has achieved phased results since the activity was launched in May

Chaohu city implements the integrated supervision of occupational health and safety production to improve the effectiveness of occupational health supervision. On the basis of comprehensive inspection of enterprises’ implementation of the main responsibility of occupational disease prevention and control in accordance with the law, Chaohu city seizes the key links and makes efforts to investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal behaviors. By the end of October, the city had inspected 95 units in non coal mines, dust explosion, metal smelting, wood furniture manufacturing, cement manufacturing and other industries, found 247 potential safety hazards, issued 35 instructions to order correction within a time limit, filed and investigated 13 enterprises, imposed an economic penalty of 160000 yuan, and ordered 2 enterprises to stop production for rectification

at the same time, in order to cooperate with the smooth implementation of the year of occupational health law enforcement and enhance the occupational health awareness of the whole people, Chaohu City for the first time brought the prevention and control of occupational diseases into the livelihood project to promote enterprises to improve their occupational health conditions. Since the beginning of this year, 185 workers in 49 micro enterprises have received a systematic training on occupational disease prevention and control knowledge; Taking the “occupational disease prevention and control publicity week” as an opportunity, we held four consultation activities, went deep into the “one-to-one” publicity of 75 enterprises, dispatched more than 60 propagandists, distributed more than 4000 leaflets, and educated more than 2000 cadres and masses. The year of law enforcement achieved initial results