Chaomei mask: revitalizing factory with science and technology and continuous innovation

masks are household names for every Chinese family. No matter what industry you are engaged in, you will never be unfamiliar with masks! 1n the era of material scarcity, only cotton or gauze material, with the development of the industry, masks from material to appearance have been greatly improved

textile workers, coal miners, painting workers, doctors and many other occupations need masks to protect themselves from dust and bacteria. Obviously, cotton masks, gauze masks play a very small role. 1t was not until the outbreak of SARS that Chinese people began to pay attention to the importance of respiratory protection. That is to say, during this period (2004), the medical and Chemical Department of the national development and Reform Commission, after on-the-spot investigation, determined that the DPRK and the United States were the first batch of emergency relief materials reserve enterprises in the country (up to now, the DPRK and the United States have been the national emergency materials reserve units for 14 consecutive years), North Korea and the United States still shoulder the responsibility of providing emergency relief supplies for the country

after SARS, Chaomei company has developed a variety of occupational dust and gas masks by using special R & D team and testing room, and the first application of ethylene oxide sterilization and disinfection equipment in China. And obtained a number of domestic and foreign certification

the sudden emergence of CM Chaomei brand is not only opportunity and luck. But the Korean beauty put the safety and health of users in the first place, and always followed the production concept of “prospering the factory with science and technology, continuous innovation”. As early as 2009, chairman Lin Jinxiang served as the vice president of Zhejiang Provincial Association of safety and health protection articles. While doing his own brand well, he is also doing his best to promote the standardization of the industry and the standardization of the market. How can such a brand fail

at present, although the labor insurance industry is slowly becoming mature, we should also see some shortcomings. The products and brands that enterprises make with their heart will be imitated by many “intentional” people. This kind of imitation can not promote the progress of the industry, but only harm ourselves. Hurt the user’s body, hurt the image of the enterprise

Chaomei masks are made by heart. This is the slogan of the DPRK and the United States, and it is also the voice of the DPRK and the United States. We hope that more and more enterprises like this will go further and further. Only in this way, the labor insurance industry will be more and more standardized, and the national happiness index will be higher and higher

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