Chemical enterprises must guard against safety accidents in limited space

According to the information from the State Administration of work safety last week, since the beginning of this year, there have been 10 major accidents involving hazardous chemicals and chemical industry, resulting in 38 deaths and 55 injuries, many of which are related to confined space operations. Especially in summer, limited space safety accidents have entered a high incidence period. National and local safety supervision departments and industry experts remind that hazardous chemical enterprises need to enhance awareness and strengthen measures to prevent and control< According to sun Guangyu, deputy director of the third Supervision Department of the State Administration of work safety, in recent years, all parts of China have introduced measures to strengthen the safety work in confined space and prevent accidents caused by confined space operation and blind rescue. Despite the increasing efforts of the measures, there are still similar tragedies this year for example, on January 9, an illegal poisoning accident occurred in Kangda chemical company in Bozhou, Anhui Province, resulting in four deaths and two minor injuries. The reason is that Kangda company leased part of the idle workshop and site to Wang, a native of Shandong Province. Wang purchased and installed equipment on his own without going through any approval procedures, and organized personnel to produce ametryn. On January 9, Mr. Zhang, a technician employed by Mr. Wang, went to the isopropanol pump pool with a depth of abou2.6m, a width of about 1.5m, and a length of about 5m. Due to the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide gas, which are dissolved by the leakage of isopropanol solvent in the pool, Mr. Zhang fainted after entering the pool. Subsequently, three other workers went down to the pool without wearing personal protective equipment. After hearing the call for help, the other two workers collapsed, Four people were rescued by hook beside the pump pool, four people died after rescue, and two people were slightly poisoned during rescue on April 24, one employee of Northern chemical company entered the anaerobic tank from the outlet of the anaerobic tank of the sewage treatment station and fell into the anaerobic tank when preparing to install a sludge pump at its bottom. The other two employees also fell into the tank during the rescue process, and three people died of poisoning one after another. The direct cause of the accident was the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide released from the sludge at the bottom of the anaerobic tank. Without complete replacement of the anaerobic tank, without detection of the gas content in the anaerobic tank, and without performing the approval procedures for entering the confined space, the employees fainted when they entered the anaerobic tank, and other employees did not wear protective equipment to rescue blindly, leading to the expansion of casualties the lessons of these accidents are profound. At first, the poisoning and suffocation were caused by poor ventilation, detection and protection, and then the death toll was increased due to improper rescue, which sounded an alarm for chemical enterprises< According to experts, summer is a period of high incidence of accidents in limited space. On the one hand, due to the coming of summer, the construction of all walks of life is large, and there are more troubleshooting and planned maintenance; On the other hand, high temperature and low air pressure in summer are not conducive to the diffusion of toxic and harmful gases in the limited space, the operators are easy to fatigue, the willingness to wear labor protection articles is not strong, and the safety control and effective operation are easy to be not in place< According to Gao Hong's analysis, there are three difficulties in safety work in confined space: first, there are many working areas in confined space; Second, it involves more special operations such as electric welding, which improves the risk of operation; Third, the phenomenon of project contracting and subcontracting is prominent, the safety quality of operators is not high, the management is difficult to be in place, and it is easy to blindly rescue, leading to the expansion of accidents based on these three difficulties, Gao Hong said: “at present and in the future, there is a high incidence of accidents in limited space operation. We must abide by the approval procedures, strengthen the management of operation process, and ensure the safety of operation SUN Guangyu pointed out: “judging from the major accidents of hazardous chemicals since this year, the management of hot work, entering confined space and inspection and maintenance work needs to be strengthened urgently, and the prevention of explosion and poisoning and suffocation are the key points of accident prevention.” He reminded the hazardous chemical enterprises to strictly abide by the “ten regulations on ensuring production safety of chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprises” and other systems, and do a solid job in accident prevention< According to Shi Weizu, director of the fourth Supervision Department of the State Administration of work safety, limited space operation accidents occur frequently and the supervision task is very heavy. 1n this regard, the State Administration of work safety promulgated the "1nterim Provisions on safety management and supervision of limited space operation of industrial and trade enterprises" in May last year, which made detailed provisions on the definition and identification of limited space, training and education of limited space operation, rules and regulations, assessment and detection of working environment, operation process management and other safety guarantee measures in April this year, the State Administration of work safety issued the notice on the confirmation of limited space operation conditions of industrial and trade enterprises, focusing on the confirmation of safety management of limited space operation of enterprises, the confirmation of limited space operation site item by item of enterprises, and vigorously carrying out safety publicity, education and training of limited space operation, Further supervise and urge the industry and trade enterprises to implement the safety responsibility of limited space operation, effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents in limited space operation, and curb the expansion of casualties caused by blind rescue all localities have implemented measures to strengthen supervision recently, all localities have taken various measures to do a good job in prevention. 1n the middle of this month, Fujian Provincial Administration of work safety held a training course for safety supervisors of hazardous chemicals and safety management personnel of key enterprises in key counties and districts, and deployed the management of special operations such as tackling key safety problems of hazardous chemicals and entering limited space. Previously, Fuqing Municipal Bureau of work safety invited experts from Fuzhou Association of work safety management to hold two consecutive training courses, which provided safety training for nearly 500 persons in charge of enterprise safety and safety management personnel in the area under its jurisdiction Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is actively carrying out a two-month special rectification on the safety of limited space operation of industrial and trade enterprises. All units with limited space operation in industrial and trade enterprises under their jurisdiction, whether they are often used by enterprises, temporarily used or used by outsourcing units, are included in the rectification object the Safety Supervision Bureau of Chongming County of Shanghai has held several meetings to promote the special management of limited space operation safety. 1n view of the characteristics and causes of several limited space operation accidents in Chongming County in recent years, the necessity and importance of carrying out the special management of Limited space operation safety are emphasized, and the steps and methods of special management are explained in response, Lin Changyan, HSE manager of Fujian southeast electrification company, said: “the management of special operations such as limited space has always been an important part of enterprise safety management. Recently, according to the deployment of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, we have organized special operation teams to study the relevant national and provincial documents, and everyone should sign to confirm after learning and mastering them, so as to further improve the safety awareness and skills of employees and effectively prevent production safety accidents in special operation links such as limited space. “ our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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