Chen Jining, Minister of environmental protection, entered the explosion core area wearing professional protective equipment

After the explosion in Tianjin, cyanide disposal has attracted much attention from the outside world. Chen Jining, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection and expert on water pollution control, went to the scene of the accident twice to discuss the treatment of cyanide containing wastewater

according to Niu Yueguang, deputy director of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, due to the destruction of the office building of Ruihai company, the cargo record is not clear, and the specific quantity of hazardous chemicals remains to be confirmed, but the confirmed quantity of hazardous chemicals is about 3000 tons. At a news conference on the 19th, he Shushan, vice mayor of Tianjin, said that the dangerous goods currently under control can be divided into seven categories, about 40 kinds, which can be divided into three categories. The first category is oxide, with 1300 tons of ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate; The second kind of flammable solid, metal sodium, metal magnesium, about 500 tons; The third type is highly toxic, mainly sodium cyanide, about 700 tons. He Shushan said that there are many kinds of dangerous chemicals in the core area, which are relatively complex. Hundreds of chemical prevention troops and experts are at the scene of the accident

after the incident, the cyanide alarm continued to hang high< On August 16, Chen Jining went to Tianjin and held a forum. As the top leader of environmental protection department and expert of water pollution control, Chen Jining put forward three opinions at that time: first, strengthen the on-site atmospheric environment monitoring, carefully and scientifically do a good job in the grid monitoring scheme, continuously monitor in the process of flue gas treatment, investigate cyanide, and monitor soil pollution at the same time. The second is to dispatch monitoring forces from all over the country to support Tianjin's work and solve the problem of insufficient monitoring personnel. Third, we should seize the time to promote the sewage treatment work, and make sure to finish it before the rain comes it is reported that at about 20 pm that night, Chen Jining went to several cyanide wastewater treatment sites, asked the staff about the treatment of wastewater by activated carbon adsorption, checked the plugging of sewage wells, and asked the engineering and technical personnel around him about the technical details, and told them to guard against leakage of a drop of water before the rain came< Two days later, at about 22:00 p.m. on August 18, Chen Jining went to the accident site in Tianjin again, and the treatment of cyanide containing wastewater was still one of his focuses. Chen Jining demanded that the accident wastewater be strictly prevented. For the connection and plugging of water bodies, pipelines and other upper and lower pipe networks inside and outside the core area, close investigation shall be conducted again to resolutely prevent the outflow of accident wastewater. 1t is necessary to improve the emergency measures of rainwater impact, do a good job in the emergency treatment of rainfall, and strictly prevent the overflow of accident wastewater. At the same time, we should accelerate the disposal of accident wastewater in the core area, and do a good job in the risk prevention and control of soil pollution Chen Jining also proposed to further strengthen the strength of the expert group, carry out theoretical analysis, and provide scientific guidance for the next disposal work< On August 20, Chen Jining held a meeting in Tianjin to study and arrange the treatment and disposal of cyanide containing wastewater China environment daily reported that Chen Jining risked the same day and went to the water pit in the core area of the explosion accident to check the water situation on the spot and discuss the next disposal arrangement with accompanying experts and staff the scene pictures show that Chen Jining, wearing professional protective equipment, entered the core area of the explosion on the same day to check the situation< 1n fact, Chen Jining is no stranger to dealing with sudden environmental pollution incidents. As early as 2006, when the Songhua River was seriously polluted, Chen Jining, as an expert, assisted the State Environmental Protection Administration in pollution treatment, and won the name of water pollution treatment expert. 1n 2001 and 2004, Chen Jining successively presided over the "Tenth Five Year Plan for Liaohe River basin environment" and "national policy framework and action plan for non-point source pollution control"< At the same time, after the explosion in Tianjin, the Ministry of environmental protection dispatched emergency monitoring forces to Tianjin. We organized 94 environmental monitoring professionals from China environmental monitoring station and Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other places to carry 25 emergency monitoring vehicles, more than 100 sets of portable rapid detectors and some laboratory equipment to carry out environmental emergency work rapidly some cyanide disposal experts also arrived in Tianjin at the same time. The Ministry of environmental protection has organized its direct subordinate units and experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities and scientific research institutes to provide technical support. The research fields of these experts mainly include cyanide disposal, water pollution control, air pollution control, groundwater treatment and soil risk control Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by the editor for the purpose of transmitting more information. 1f you think our reprint violates the copyright law or damages your interests, please contact us in time and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Tel: 0516-853021 key words: protective equipment portable rapid detector

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