Chenglong supporting has become a major feature of Gaomi industrial economy in Shandong Province

Xinhua Shandong channel, September 3 (Zhang Aihua) – on August 30, in Fuda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., some workers were installing mechanical parts, some were inspecting the whole machine” These are glove machines developed by ourselves, which are very popular in the market. ” The person in charge of the company told the author that the glove machine they developed is a complete set for many labor protection glove manufacturers in Gaomi City. 1t is understood that this is a microcosm of Gaomi City in Shandong Province, through vigorously guiding and cultivating the localization of manufacturing industry cooperation and supporting facilities, lengthening the industrial chain and improving the overall efficiency of industrial economy< According to the relevant person in charge of Gaomi Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, "localization of manufacturing cooperation" refers to the strengthening of cooperation among local enterprises, and large enterprises, especially leading enterprises, give full play to their advantages in technology, capital, market, brand, etc., by leading the formation of industry alliances, industry associations, etc, Establish regular and stable cooperative relationship with local supporting enterprises, guide supporting enterprises to follow up development, further reduce costs, and promote the overall efficiency of manufacturing industry after the development in recent years, the industrial economy of Gaomi City has accumulated a certain strength and developed a number of enterprise groups. The “four major industries” of textile and clothing, machinery manufacturing, food processing and wood processing, and the “four small commodities” of labor protection and shoemaking have begun to take shape. The benefits of chemical industry have begun to show, and the emerging industries have also developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 4000 manufacturing enterprises in the city, including 609 Enterprises above designated size. The rapid development of industrial economy has laid a good foundation for the localization of manufacturing cooperation< There are more than 500 enterprises of labor protection products in Gaomi, especially the production enterprises of labor protection gloves, which have a great demand for processing machinery. 1n the past, they could not produce locally, so they could only import from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, which increased the cost and made maintenance inconvenient. 1t is based on this that we carry out glove machinery research and development, and our products fill the gap in the province. " According to the person in charge of Fuda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., they will continue to develop supporting products for the development of the industry in the next step. 1t is learned from relevant departments of Gaomi that the successful development of glove machine has made the labor protection industry of Gaomi form a complete industrial chain of professional machinery production, knitting and glue hanging, which saves costs and improves the product grade and efficiency of the whole industry like the labor insurance industry, the rapid development of shoe-making industry has greatly promoted the prosperity of shoe-making materials market. There are nearly 200 manufacturers of all kinds of shoe materials (including packaging) in the city, and the distribution varieties include nearly 20 varieties, such as raw materials, boring soles, laces, elastic cloth, shoe boxes, etc 1t is the largest raw material base and logistics center of shoes industry in Jiaodong Peninsula. 1n addition, wood processing, food processing and other industries are also market-oriented, with industry associations as the platform, forming a one-stop industrial chain of “base connecting farmers” the “leading” of key enterprises has achieved remarkable results the continuous expansion of the scale of leading enterprises in the industry has played a huge role in promoting the localization of cooperation and supporting facilities. 1n recent years, many leading enterprises in Gaomi City have taken advantage of their products and technology to set up branch factories and processing workshops in remote towns (communities). Among them, Vosges group has set up seven towel processing workshops in Chaigou Town, Zhugou community, Kaijia Town, Shuangyang community, damujia town and zhougezhuang community; 1n addition, they also commissioned small and medium-sized enterprises to process low-grade products, led more than 200 enterprises inside and outside the city to process their products, and absorbed more than 20000 rural surplus labor(End)

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