Cherish life and fasten life-saving rope

recently, on the construction site of a project, the mass safety supervisor found that an employee of the outsourcing team used an incorrect method to fasten the safety belt when working on a scaffold more than 10 meters high, corrected it on the spot, and warned the violators earnestly: “in case of an accident, the safety belt is our life-saving rope!”

“the safety belt is a treasure, and it is necessary to work at height.” People engaged in construction should understand this truth, but they are always discounted in the process of implementation. 1n high altitude operation, there are many cases of safety accidents caused by not wearing or not wearing the safety belt correctly. The reasons are as follows: it’s troublesome to fasten the seat belt, and it’s inconvenient to walk up and down; There is a fluke mentality, 1 think it doesn’t matter if 1 don’t tie it once or twice; The operators are not trained and do not know how to use the safety belt

safety helmet, safety belt and safety net are known as the three treasures of safety, and they are also indispensable for aerial work. How can these three treasures be truly implemented in practical work? 1n my opinion, first of all, we should strengthen publicity and guidance, repeatedly inform employees of the importance and wearing essentials of safety belts through safety training, pre class roll call and other forms, and hang various safety slogans on the construction site to remind employees to pay attention to production safety. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and punishment. The safety supervision organizations and safety management personnel at all levels should go deep into the operation line to strengthen the inspection, and resolutely stop and impose severe fines on the employees who do not take or do not correctly take protective measures. Finally, the safety helmet, safety belt, safety net and other safety protection articles should be inspected frequently, and those found problems should be replaced in time

taking good care of safety protection articles and using them correctly is not only respect for one’s own life, but also responsible for one’s family and the project

Du Shouxing

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