cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Fukushima disaster area, and local residents take photos in protective clothing

According to Japanese media reports, the yezhisen area in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, is well known for its Cherry Blossom scenic spots. At present, Sakura Sakurai is in full bloom here< Data chart: Sakura, Japan it is reported that in th2.2km Sakura Avenue, the 300m area on the south side of Sakura Avenue has lifted the evacuation instruction issued due to the nuclear power plant accident on January 1 however, most of the cherry blossom Avenue still belongs to the difficult area to return to. The colorful Cherry Blossom tunnel is blocked by the fence at the checkpoint recently, a man wearing protective clothing and going home temporarily with his wife took photos under the cherry tree in the difficult area. “Cherry blossoms are memories,” he said. This is the best Cherry Avenue in Japan. “

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