children are too bored to wear child protective masks, but there is no rules to follow

Last week’s evening paper published “rules to follow for wearing masks to prevent haze” caused widespread concern, and more careful parents called to say that the “new national standard” does not include children. The reporter learned from in-depth interviews that there is no exact quality standard for child protective masks at present

children’s masks are not included in the national standard for the time being

it is a difficult problem for many parents to choose suitable haze prevention masks for their children. The haze mask “new national standard” clearly states that “it is not suitable for children’s mask”. Experts explained that the reason is that children have great individual differences, so children are not included in the “new national standard”. Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and 1nspection Center said that at present, there is no standard for children in protective masks, not only for haze masks, but also for medical, industrial and other protective masks. This is mainly because medical and industrial protective masks are provided for special workers, and children do not need to engage in these occupations, so there is no such protective masks. Considering the great individual differences of children of different ages and the imperfect research on children’s respiratory resistance, the “new national standard” does not include children’s standard for the time being

most children’s masks are bought by feeling

because there is no unified standard, there are many kinds of children’s protective masks on the market. The reporter visited the market and noticed that the packaging of some children’s masks is marked with the implementation of certain protective mask standard, which is actually the implementation of adult protective mask standard. There are also some children’s masks only marked with “PM2.5” on the package, without mentioning the implementation of any standard. Ms. Minmin Lu’s daughter, who is in the third grade of primary school this year, said: “1 think the stronger the protective ability of masks for children, the better. The highest coefficient we can buy is N95.” Mr. Chang, who lives in Beichen District, said that he thought the haze masks for children should be more professional, so he bought imported products, including 3M children’s masks and child protective masks purchased from Japan

children’s masks can’t copy adult standards

in the interview, the reporter found that after some parents bought powerful haze masks for their children, their children were reluctant to wear them because they were too stuffy. Experts from Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and 1nspection Center said that parents have misunderstandings in choosing children’s masks. First, excessive respiratory resistance of protective masks is harmful to children’s health, and the respiratory resistance index of adult protective masks is not applicable to children. So to choose haze masks for children, we can’t just think that those suitable for adults are suitable for children, and it’s not that the stronger the protective ability, the better. Secondly, because there is no subdivision size for children’s masks, some children’s masks are not suitable in size, and their faces are not close enough, which also reduces the protection effect. 1ndustry insiders suggest that parents should try to choose masks with strong air permeability and PM2.5 barrier, instead of blindly pursuing high protection. 1n addition, choose a mask suitable for children’s face, which has good fit and better protection effect. Don’t wear the mask for a long time. Pay attention to replace the disposable anti haze mask in time

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