children’s masks are not in accordance with the national standard. Do not wear them casually

Spring dust more bacteria, how to protect the baby’s respiratory health? Many mothers put on masks for their babies one after another, but in fact many people don’t choose and wear them correctly. Today, let’s talk about the correct posture of baby wearing mask in spring

first of all, let’s know how old the baby is and when to wear a mask

how old is the baby to wear a mask?

regular masks are suitable for children over 3 years old, and it is better not for children under 2 years old. Under 2 years old baby wears the mask, cannot cause the mask to cling to the face, wore also did not have any effect

in addition, the better the antifouling performance of the mask, the worse the air permeability. The mask covers the face tightly. Although it can resist the invasion of bacteria, viruses and PM2.5, it is not good for the baby to breathe fresh air. Compared with adults, the baby’s lung function is poor, with the mask barrier, breathing will become much more difficult, and even asphyxia may occur due to lack of oxygen

under what circumstances should the baby wear a mask

when the baby is in some special occasions or in some special situations, we should still give him a mask. For example, when babies go to crowded or airtight public places, wearing masks can prevent the invasion of germs; When the baby has a cold, pneumonia and other respiratory infectious diseases, wearing a mask can avoid the spread of bacteria

if the air pollution is serious, you’d better not take your baby out and let him squat at home

the mask is related to the health of the baby. We must not be careless when choosing the mask

? Choose according to the quality

we should pay attention to the quality of the mask when we choose the mask for the baby. 1t is not effective for the baby to wear the mask with poor quality. At present, China has not formulated the relevant standards for children’s protective masks. Most of the “children’s (haze prevention) masks” sold on the market do not live up to the name. They are only a reduced version of adult masks. We must pay attention to them. Next, 1’d like to talk about whether several common masks are suitable for my baby

(1) pure cotton mask

pure cotton mask is comfortable and breathable, which is very suitable for baby. Generally speaking, choose a 6-8 layer mask for your baby

(2) N95 mask

compared with pure cotton mask, N95 mask has stronger protective ability. However, the sealing of this mask is too good, it is easy to block the baby’s nose and mouth and affect breathing, so Yujie does not recommend that you wear it for babies under 3 years old

(3) disposable mask

this kind of mask does not necessarily have the function of sterilization and disinfection, and can not effectively resist the invasion of haze, dust and virus. 1t is also not recommended to wear it to the baby

(4) masks with material problems

some masks contain silica gel and inferior plastic, which may release harmful gases such as formaldehyde during use, thus affecting the health of the baby. Some masks have high fiber content, which can not only produce static electricity, but also stimulate the baby’s skin. 1t’s better not to wear these masks for the baby

? Choose the appropriate size

the size of the mask is too large or too small, which has a direct impact on the filtering effect of the mask. We should choose the mask according to the actual situation of the baby’s age and face size. Generally speaking, the 8-10 cm mask is very suitable for the baby. 1t’s even better if it has the function of adjusting the size

many babies are not willing to wear masks. What should we do? Sister Yu teaches us some tips

1. Parents wear masks with their baby

when the baby is resistant to masks, you can try to wear them with your baby. With the company of mom and Dad, the baby is more accepting psychologically

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