Children’s necessary anti haze mask in spring with severe haze

When spring comes in the north, it is often accompanied by a large area of haze or dust. 1n recent years, the national pollution has increased, and many southern cities have also appeared more serious haze phenomenon. Children’s respiratory system is fragile and vulnerable to floating dust and pollution. Haze and pollution have become the topics that mothers need to understand

haze and pollution

at the beginning of its birth, fog and haze were a kind of weather phenomenon without human intervention< However, the significant increase of haze in central and eastern China in recent 20-30 years is mainly caused by anthropogenic atmospheric aerosols. Today, when haze has become a daily topic, whether it is haze or fog, it is hard to escape the influence of human activities, which is not a complete "natural" phenomenon Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau has publicly stated that the extremely unfavorable meteorological conditions, pollutant emission amplification and PM2.5 regional transmission are the three major causes of serious air pollution in Beijing. 1n addition to Beijing, other cities with more serious haze phenomenon can also be attributed to this. 1n China, where industrial production is increasing day by day, “pollutant emission” is probably the most intuitive factor from the perspective of pollutants, PM1 (particles less than 1 micron in diameter) is found in PM2.5 in all places. The components of PM1 include organic carbon aerosol, sulfate aerosol and nitrate aerosol. Among them, sulfate aerosols mainly come from coal-fired power generation and heating in China (especially in the North), while nitrate aerosols, besides the influence of coal combustion, are also contributed by motor vehicle fuel “catkins fly in spring, wheat straw burn in summer, sandstorm in autumn and haze in winter”. Under such air conditions, how to ensure children’s health has become a difficult problem for mothers in spring in the north, especially in windy weather, poplar catkins, willow catkins and pollen have become nightmares of all kinds of people, especially allergic people. For children, these stimuli are especially easy to induce cough, sneezing, rhinitis, etc. Some children will face itching and even swelling due to catkins, pollen and other stimulation. 1f they inhale into the nasal cavity or oral cavity, they will have a strong sense of discomfort. 1n the environment of a large number of catkins, long-term life, children’s throat is easy to dry, red and swollen, for children who like outdoor activities, this phenomenon is more worthy of vigilance on windless and windless days, haze, fog, floating dust and sand become new threats. There are a lot of particulate matter floating in the air. Even adults will feel that their breathing is not smooth. 1n serious cases, it will lead to allergies and some respiratory diseases, and children will be more dangerous choose a mask what measures do we have to prevent haze, dust and allergy to protect children in such a haze day—â€?The most important thing is to wear a mask try to avoid children’s outdoor activities in bad haze days and catkins flying. But children are playful by nature, so it’s impossible to keep them in the room. Go out to play, or pay attention to wear masks. The general mask in the protection of PM2.5 and other aspects of the effect is not big, for the protection of children’s respiratory system, can only do surface Kung Fu. 1n order to prevent PM2.5 and other pollutants from harming infant respiratory tract, growing children should choose professional protective masks. The price of professional mask is a little more expensive than that of ordinary mask, but it has a significant effect on the protection of various pollutants and pollens. For immature children, professional masks become the only feasible choice< At present, there is no common standard for civil masks in China. N95 and n99 masks are special masks for protecting dust, bacteria and other harmful substances. The filtration efficiency of N95 mask for 0.3 micron particles is 95%, and that of n99 mask is 99%. There are many types of masks. Considering the protective effect on PM2.5 and even PM1, mothers should try to choose n99 standard masks. Such a mask even for adults can also play a very good protective effect, for children, this good basic protection is necessary General masks, such as medical masks, disposable masks, silicone masks, etc., will block the airflow to a certain extent, causing poor breathing. This kind of mask is not suitable for sports, nor for manual workers. Children’s cardiopulmonary function is not fully developed, and their breathing ability is worse. The general mask will make them feel short of breath, slightly uncomfortable, and even heavier, which will affect the normal development of the respiratory system. 1t is reported that some brands of masks have ensured smooth breathing by setting air valves, and have set styles suitable for children in addition, let children eat more fresh vegetables, which can play a protective role in diet. The reason is not that vegetables can detoxify, but vegetables contain vitamin C, flavonoids and other antioxidants, which help the human body to fight against pollutants. Vegetables and fruits are very healthy food for children. 1t’s good to eat them often. And “drink more water.”. Dry respiratory tract will aggravate children’s discomfort, timely urge children to add water, is the mother’s obligation in conclusion, to protect children in haze days, we need to buy professional masks

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