Children should fasten their seat belts during the Spring Festival

With the coming of the Spring Festival in 2014, the national highway transportation has also reached the busiest stage. According to the online survey data of auto home website, about 60% of the total number of netizens preparing for self driving travel during the Spring Festival. Among the 4200 netizens who filled in the questionnaire, 59.96% planned to drive home, visit relatives or travel during the Spring Festival

with such a large number of self driving people, the safety problems of their families, especially minor children, should attract the attention of the whole society. According to the 2013 annual survey report on China’s child safety seats released by auto home, the utilization rate of child safety seats nationwide is only about 10%. What is the safest way for children 1n this choice, 11.56% and 7.89% of netizens thought that it was the safest way to take the bus to let adults hold their children in the back and let children sit alone in the back and fasten their seat belts. However, the methods they think are safe will actually put their children into extremely dangerous situations

Professor Zhang Jinhuan, director of the automobile collision test room of Tsinghua University, said that in the event of a sudden traffic accident, the embrace of parents can not protect children’s safety, but will cause incalculable harm to children. The huge impact will let the children in the arms of adults get rid of, at the same time, the inertia from parents will have a second squeeze on the children

at the same time, the way of wearing adult seat belts is also dangerous. The self-contained seat belts of vehicles are designed for adults and are not suitable for children’s body shape. 1f the child uses the adult’s safety belt, if it is tied too tightly, it will cause fatal waist crush injury or neck and cheek crush injury in traffic accident. 1f the binding is too loose, there will be a vehicle collision, and children may fly out of the space between the seat belt and the seat

according to Ms. Ju, the director of the public welfare promotion project of children’s safety seats in car home, it is their ultimate goal to promote compulsory use legislation nationwide. Due to the lack of rigid constraints of relevant laws and regulations, the public’s low awareness of child safety seats, weak safety awareness, and the existence of fluke psychology are the main factors that cause the current difficulty in promoting child safety seats. 1n 2014, apart from maintaining the consistent simulated collision experience, car home will also increase the trial link in promoting child safety seats, so that more families can experience them personally

fortunately, the “Regulations on the protection of minors” in Shanghai, which will be implemented on March 1, 2014, has opened an era in which there are laws to abide by in the supervision of children’s riding safety. The regulations clearly stipulate that parents or other guardians and other adults who carry minors under the age of 12 shall not arrange for them to take the co pilot’s seat; Child safety seats should be equipped and used correctly when carrying minors under 4 years old in family passenger cars. 1 believe that in the near future, the successful experience of Shanghai can be extended to other first tier cities and even the whole country

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