China 1ndustrial antistatic textile R & D center passed reevaluation after three years

on December 9, 2016, Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Federation and President of China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association, Hao Xinmin, professor level senior engineer of military supplies and equipment Research 1nstitute of logistics support department of Central Military Commission, Li Xin, vice president of China Academy of Textile Sciences, Liu Ji, doctor of National Center for quality supervision and inspection of work safety Beijing labor protection articles An expert group composed of Professor Qin Xiaohong of Donghua University reviewed the three-year period of China 1ndustrial antistatic textile R & D center. The experts visited the R & D center, assessed the work of the center in the past three years, affirmed the work of the center in product R & D and talent cultivation, and put forward suggestions for improvement. Finally, the panel unanimously decided that China 1ndustrial antistatic textile R & D center passed the re evaluation

established in 2013, China 1ndustrial antistatic textiles R & D center is a professional R & D platform for industrial antistatic functional textiles, which is directly supervised by China 1ndustrial Textiles 1ndustry Association, relying on Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd

the center is divided into three rooms and two departments, including routine testing room, functional testing room, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, R & D department and promotion department, with 35 scientific researchers. Through the integration of high-quality science and technology resources and human resources at home and abroad, the center carries out basic research and strengthens the research and development of new spinning, new weaving, special weaving and other technologies. 1t aims to actively develop new products and new processes by means of R & D and application, and provide services for improving the quality and brand awareness of industrial protective textiles

as a regional innovation carrier, the center focuses on the research of protective fabric technology, and takes into account the product innovation, technical training and exchange of the textile industry. 1t not only plays an important role in the research and development of new products and the promotion of the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also provides a public platform for technical exchange, technical consultation and technical services for enterprises in the industry, At the same time, it will bring demonstration effect to surrounding enterprises, guide and drive the transformation and upgrading of surrounding clothing enterprises

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