China industrial textile industry quality innovation and development conference will be held in Huzhou

“the 13th five year plan” period is the key five years for China to implement “made in China 2025” and realize the goal of manufacturing power. The state and society will pay more attention to the foundation and guarantee role of quality in economic and social development, and accelerate the transformation from made in China to created in China, from quantity in China to quality in China, and from variety in China to brand in China, Promote the transformation of economic development from scale and speed to quality and efficiency. 1n 2016, the general office of the State Council issued several opinions on developing the “three products” special action in the consumer goods industry to create a good market environment, and deployed the “three products” special action in the fields of light industry, textile, food, medicine, consumer electronics, etc

the industrial textiles industry has experienced rapid development in the early stage. At present, in some application fields, the phenomenon of ignoring quality and malicious bidding has greatly affected the market expansion and reputation of industrial textiles in downstream application fields; However, the lack of scientific and effective management system and methods in the industry makes it difficult for enterprises to achieve a “qualitative” leap while they are bigger, which has become an important reason restricting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. 1n order to implement innovation driven development strategy, shape quality reputation, cultivate famous brands, guide and encourage industrial textile enterprises to practice excellent performance mode and advanced management methods, promote concept change and management innovation, improve scientific and effective quality management, and guide enterprises to continuously pursue excellence, The middle class agreement held the quality innovation and development conference of China’s industrial textiles industry in Huzhou on December 9, 2016

[activity theme]

2016 China industrial textile industry quality innovation and development conference

[meeting time and place]

meeting registration: December 8, 2016

meeting time: December 9, 2016

meeting place: Huzhou 1nternational Hotel (No. 117, Hongqi Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province)

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[activity organization]

guidance unit: Ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s Republic of China

sponsor: China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association

organizer: Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd.

co organizer: China 1ndustrial antistatic textile R & D center Huzhou Lanxiang special fabric Co., Ltd

support media: China textile daily, textile and garment weekly, industrial textiles, etc.

[conference content]

1. Special speech by Yu Jianyong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

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