China professional wear famous brand promotion center is an innovation

the moment Zhang Hejun, vice president of Tianjin creative planning research association, stepped onto this platform, reminds me of 2007, when 1 was working in the 1ndustrial Company of the Tourism Bureau and held the “China hotel supplies and equipment exhibition” at Tianjin 1nternational Exhibition, when Secretary General Wang Yaomin was still in the Fangyuan advertising company of Tianjin Textile Bureau, The two sides jointly held the “Hotel tooling hall” in the hotel supplies exhibition, which was not large in scale. The entrance hall a of the international exhibition was 500 square meters, and it was the first attempt of hotel tooling, the leading product of professional clothing. The next year, Wang Yaomin held the “first China professional wear Expo”. The scale, invitation level and participating manufacturers of the Expo were all pioneers in China. Ten years later, in 2008, Wang Yaomin returned to Tianjin and held the 10th anniversary celebration of China professional wear in Tianjin auditorium. Through that event, 1 saw that Wang Yaomin was concentrating on one thing in the past decade – professional wear, 1s it a dream to set up a professional clothing cluster, or is it director Wu guizeng’s vision to leave Yaomin in Tianjin and settle down in the clothing street? Today, under the witness of the guests attending the operation launching ceremony, “China professional clothing famous brand promotion center” officially launched in Tianjin

first, “China professional wear famous brand promotion center” is an innovation

professional wear is a new industry developed in the early 1980s in China, the product range includes professional fashion, professional tooling, professional uniform, special protective clothing, etc. With the rise of the professional clothing industry, its economic growth mode has also changed. The functional orientation of “center” is no longer a simple production of professional clothing, but a combination of “production, study, research and innovation”. 1nstead, it makes full use of the advantages of Tianjin’s old clothing industrial base, effectively plays the role of scientific research, colleges and professional institutions, and integrates exhibition, brand promotion, brand promotion and innovation R & D, customization and mass sales are integrated to create a professional clothing cluster, collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation< Second, "China professional clothing famous brand promotion center" is a creative after the functional positioning of “center”, considering how to develop the professional clothing industry cluster in Tianjin, guide the merger and reorganization of small and medium-sized professional clothing enterprises, and complement each other’s advantages” The center and Tianjin creative planning research association jointly plan to create a “creative block of Chinese professional clothing” by taking advantage of Nankai District’s comprehensive reform of the national service industry pilot opportunity, relying on the geographical advantages of Nankai District’s clothing street, giving a new connotation to the clothing street personally advocated by the old mayor Li Ruihuan, “China professional clothing famous brand promotion center” also has professional clothing creative design room, college students’ entrepreneurial practice base, professional clothing sales center, professional clothing model training center, etc. in addition, it is attached to the supporting facilities of professional clothing creative block to form the professional clothing industry chain and build China’s first “China professional clothing industry creative base”. Add another characteristic block to our city< Third, "China professional clothing famous brand promotion center" is an opportunity “China professional clothing famous brand promotion center” has achieved great results under the careful operation and planning of China professional clothing industry association. Now, the association has established good relations with clothing institutions in Japan, 1taly, France and other countries, 1t has formed a good strategic alliance with hundreds of well-known clothing enterprises and famous brands in China. Recently, China professional clothing association invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to launch “China professional clothing network” by using 1nternet technology. The network gathers a lot of professional information and business opportunities. The association and “center” have joined hands to base themselves in Tianjin and radiate the whole country. 1t not only gathers the top ten leading brands and top ten brands in the national professional clothing industry, but also effectively integrates the excellent resources of the national professional clothing industry, Gathering in Tianjin and settling down in Tianjin clothing street, 1 feel that this is an opportunity for Nankai District, private enterprises in our city and overseas Chinese. The “center” belongs to Tianjin, the whole country and the world. Because the professional clothing industry has no borders. Finally, 1 sincerely wish “China professional wear famous brand promotion center” and national professional wear famous enterprises to work together to build professional wear cluster and create new brilliance of professional wear industry Author: Zhang Hejun

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