China Railway Corporation reported four road accidents in the first quarter

China Railway Corporation recently released the internal notice of “personal death accidents of the whole railway in the first quarter of 2014” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), which shows that there were four accidents in the whole railway in the first quarter of 2014, and four people died

at the same time, the notice also made detailed disclosure on the time, place, process, cause and preliminary investigation results of the accident. Four accidents occurred in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Taiyuan Railway Bureau and Chengdu Railway Bureau. They are: at 15:02 on Januar4, a signalman in nanyangzhai signal work area of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau’s Zhengzhou electrical and signaling section intruded into the traffic limit and was hit by the passenger train t236 going up and died on the spot; At 6:04 on January 6, a locomotive dispatcher in jingtanggang workshop of Hudong locomotive depot of Taiyuan Railway Bureau fell from the car to the slope of the line, causing death; At 1:32 on March 13, a laborer in Yushan line work area of Qianjiang line workshop of Fuling Public Works section of Chengdu Railway Bureau was sitting on the sleeper on the right side of the line at k258 + 490 of Chongqing Huaihua line to rest. He was hit by the passing k585 passenger train and died on the spot; At 2:54 on March 19, in the North signal work area of Chengdu North workshop, a signalman walked along the center of Dazhou line to K331 + 377. He was hit by the passing cx614 freight train and died on the spot

according to the causes of the four accidents, the circular summarized as follows: arranging the skylight point operation without authorization; Opening the train door without authorization during train operation; The reasons for simplifying the operation procedures without authorization and guessing that there are no vehicles coming from the adjacent lines are all directed at the dead individuals, and the responsibility of the management is not mentioned

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