China’s first uniform Research 1nstitute established in Beijing

recently, Beijing Leiter fashion company, which has 16 years of professional uniform experience at home and abroad, cooperated with Beijing Fashion 1nstitute to establish Beijing Jialian Lihua uniform Research 1nstitute. 1t is understood that this will be the first uniform Research 1nstitute in China

with the increasing attention of enterprises to image awareness, China’s uniform industry has shown a trend of separating from the “big clothing system” and becoming a relatively independent clothing subsystem after years of development. Relevant data show that China’s annual demand for uniforms is hundreds of billions of yuan. The growing demand for uniforms has made foreign uniform enterprises covetous. Some international uniform giants have plans to enter the Chinese market. The establishment of the 1nstitute is based on this background

it is reported that the 1nstitute will focus on the research and development of various functional products of uniforms, the creation of information exchange platform in the field of uniforms, the provision of professional technical consultants, the cultivation of uniform professionals, and the improvement of various standards of the uniform industry, so as to provide comprehensive services for the upgrading of China’s uniform industry

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