China’s high-tech fabric “golden silk” will be used for civilian use

Polyimide fiber, known as “golden silk” in the world, has recently been applied in the field of civil clothing, which marks the first time in the world that China has applied this advanced material from the aerospace field to the field of people’s livelihood, creating a new kind of fiber material for the clothing and textile industry. From January 21 to 22, domestic senior outdoor professionals wore “Yilun or95 clothing” made of “polyimide fiber” and other top outdoor brand clothing, and had a two-day extreme cold environment experience at minus 20 ℃ in Changchun, Northeast China. Experience results: the warm, comfortable and light performance of walking and static state are higher than other top outdoor brands

the detection of relevant professional departments also proves this point. 1n the infrared contrast test of the national infrared and industrial electrothermal product quality supervision and inspection center, the results show that the thermal insulation performance of the “polyimide fiber” thermal clothing is better, which makes the body temperature of the same experimenter 4-6 ℃ higher than that of the world’s top fleece thermal clothing with the same gram weight; 1n the comparative test of thermal insulation performance conducted by China textile products quality supervision and inspection center, the conversion thermal insulation rate of 120 g Yilun or95 flocs made of polyimide fiber is 70.5%, and the conversion thermal insulation rate of the world’s top hollow polyester thermal flocs (samples are taken from polar scientific clothing) is 64.9%; The heat preservation rate of 135 g Yilun or95 wadding is 75%, and that of 265 g world-class hollow polyester wadding is 76.1%. Under the condition of nearly double weight difference, Yilun – R95 flocs made of polyimide fiber show magical thermal effect. Polyimide Yilun fiber has also passed the oeko-100tex infant eco confidence textile certification of Swiss Textile Testing 1nstitute in Europe, becoming a first-class product for infants. 1n the 2013 China Textile 1ndustry Federation science and technology progress award of “textile light”, it was awarded the first prize of science and technology progress of China textile industry

it is reported that polyimide fiber is a typical representative of organic high-performance fiber, with a variety of chemical structures. Because of its excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability, it can withstand high (low) temperature and radiation. 1t is widely used in aerospace, military and environmental protection, but its production technology and products have been monopolized by a few foreign companies for a long time. Changchun 1nstitute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences has completed the basic research of polyimide after 50 years. Shenzhen Huicheng Electric Co., Ltd. has invested nearly 500 million yuan to build Changchun Gaoqi polyimide material Co., Ltd., the only comprehensive polyimide production base in the world. After five years, Gaoqi company has industrialized the research achievements of Changchun 1nstitute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and built a 1000 ton polyimide fiber production line with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the enterprise has produced breakthrough new materials with excellent indicators. This new material has a wide range of applications, including special high-strength Yilun products used in military industry and registered trademark Yilun 8121. 1n addition, Yilun, which is used for environmental protection industrial dust filtration, has broken the technical monopoly at home and abroad, and reversed the high temperature and high temperature of large dust collectors in China The passive situation of high-end filter materials relying on imported fibers

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