China’s labor protection products industry to grow against the trend

1n 2018, the sales of labor protection articles in China increased by 14% year-on-year, but compared with developed countries, the per capita expenditure of labor protection articles in primary and secondary industries in China is still very low, which shows that there is still a big gap between China’s labor protection articles industry and advanced countries, but it also shows that there is a great potential for development. ” On Jun5, an expert’s speech was echoed by many participants at the Forum on innovation and development of China’s labor protection industry

in recent years, with the attention of the state, all kinds of enterprises have made great changes in the purchase and use of labor protection articles. 1n order to achieve better sustainable development, the forum invited the production and operation enterprises of labor protection articles, end users, testing and inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and other parties to participate

experts from the European Union and the United States introduced the latest developments of laws, regulations and standards of personal protective equipment in the world and the CE product certification of the European Union, which benefited the participants a lot

the introduction of Chinese experts on the development trend of China’s personal protective equipment regulations and standards and the current situation of industrial development has inspired the industry. 1n particular, China’s mandatory national standards for labor protection articles (including general provisions and industry standards) will be launched at the end of this year. Among them, some equipment standards are refined to jobs, which will fundamentally change the lack of equipment standards in China, and will also be more conducive to the government’s law enforcement and supervision, so as to create market expansion space for high-quality products

on the basis of learning from the international practice of third-party certification, sinoppe certification, a voluntary certification in the field of personal protective equipment in China, was officially released by Huaxia Certification Center in this forum

in the face of the limitations of the lack of scientific research strength of China’s labor protection production enterprises, “nine pairs of partners” signed strategic cooperation agreements with each other at the forum. Among these partners, there are enterprises to enterprises, enterprises to scientific research institutions (universities), enterprises to end users of labor protection articles, etc. For example, Huaxia Certification Center has signed strategic cooperation agreements with testing and inspection institutions of Beijing, Shanghai and Chinese Academy of safety Sciences, and Yihe company has signed mutual agreements with school of materials science and engineering of Donghua University, Jingzhou Sichuang company and Nanjing 1ron and steel company. With the cooperation of the above parties, the production enterprises of labor protection articles in China have taken another big step in the horizontal combination of “industry university research” and service enterprises

another highlight of this forum is that two professional dialogue sessions of “personal protective equipment in chemical industry” and “flame retardant protective clothing” were organized. The topics discussed were extensive, closely related to how protective equipment can better serve chemical enterprises, and the popularization and use of flame retardant clothing in flammable and explosive dangerous places. Participants are very representative in the industry

the experts and the persons in charge of the enterprises of labor protection articles all showed high enthusiasm for the topic setting of the forum. Some experts believe that the development trend of China’s labor protection articles industry is still optimistic

the leaders of China Chemical Safety Association and China Certification and Accreditation Association attended the forum, and they all appreciated the progress of the labor protection articles industry

the forum was held by the 1nstitute of labor protection technology of the League of China, science and technology

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