China’s PM2.5 protective masks have group standard authorization certificate and specific identification QR code

We learned from the large-scale public welfare respiratory protection activity of China Textile Association on February 28 that China’s PM2.5 protective masks have group standard authorization certificate and specific identification QR code

on March 1, 2016, China Textile Business Association released China’s first group standard for PM2.5 protective masks – “PM2.5 protective masks”

since the implementation of “PM2.5 protective mask” group standard, after more than nine months of trial, the service content has gradually improved, the management is complete, and the implementation is serious, which ensures the product quality and reliability of authorized enterprises. At present, the association has issued 51 group standard authorization certificates and specific identification QR codes for PM2.5 protective masks to manufacturers of protective masks in 9 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong and Hubei, which plays an important and positive role in regulating the market of anti haze masks

Lei Limin, vice president of China Textile Business Association, told China Science and technology network that at present, there are thousands of mask enterprises in China, and about 20% of the qualified products on the market. The formulation of group standards and specific identification QR code can ensure the quality of products to a certain extent

at the activity site, the haze proof mask zone was launched simultaneously. More than 30 enterprises from the national mask industry, convened by the safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, gathered in Alibaba Binjiang park to pledge 6 million love masks for the da’ai Qingchen public welfare fund’s action project of finding and saving pneumoconiosis farmers’ brothers

da’ai Qingchen fund is a public welfare fund dedicated to helping 6 million pneumoconiosis farmers in China and promoting the prevention and ultimate elimination of pneumoconiosis

tmall mall, as the support platform of star protection net breathing, officially launched the anti haze certification mask zone at the press conference site, which will give the love logo to the love masks of love enterprises, so that consumers can quickly identify love enterprises while purchasing “safe, effective and comfortable” anti haze masks, To contribute to the rescue of pneumoconiosis

artist Li Chengxuan was invited as star Protection Ambassador, and Zhejiang National 1nspection and testing center was also invited as the quality inspection, supervision and tracking unit of mask products in tmall mall, so as to further provide guarantee for consumers to choose effective anti haze masks

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