China’s protective shoes market survey: lack will brew tragedy

when it comes to labor protection articles, we may first think of safety helmets, safety belts and gloves, while safety shoes and protective boots, which are used to protect workers’ feet, are often ignored. 1n fact, in the process of using tools, operating machines, carrying materials and other operations, workers’ feet are usually at the lowest part of the working posture, and they will touch heavy, hard and angular objects at any time, so that they will be injured, stabbed or squeezed; On the other hand, if the feet do not stand firmly, the body will lose its balance, destroy the normal working posture, and may cause accidents. 1n this way, the safety equipment to protect the feet is particularly important. 1t is possible to prevent foot injury by using special and suitable protective shoes and boots according to the working conditions. August 20 staged a tragedy is confirmed that protective shoes play an important role in production safety

no big shoes, left foot was cut off

on the afternoon of August 20, the carpenter wore safety helmet as usual to carry construction materials at the construction site” The wire rope is broken. Get out of the way Suddenly, a scream came from the top of his head, and a huge black shadow fell quickly. Master Mu subconsciously jumped out with a lunge to the right” Bang — “after a dull sound, tons of cement fell from the sky on the take-off and landing aircraft, rubbing the left shoulder of the carpenter and falling to the ground. After a small finger thick wire rope connecting the take-off and landing machine fell to the ground, it immediately entangled the master’s left foot, and the huge pulley rebound force forced the wire rope to roll up. Like a sharp blade, the wire rope cut off master Mu’s left foot…

afterwards, master Mu was sent to the hospital of Liaoning Armed Police Corps, and the doctor replanted and stitched his broken foot overnight under the microscope… 1n the early morning of the 21st, he was alive after 10 hours in vitro. Subsequently, the nerves and tendons were connected, and the operation continued until 4 o’clock on the same day

the wood master who came back to life complained: “why can’t 1 buy the strong and durable” big head shoes “in the past He said that “big shoes” are made of special thickened cow leather, with thickened bottom to prevent cutting and stabbing, and glass and steel nails can not be pierced, scratched or punctured; The front part of the shoe is made of special material, so it is in the shape of “big head”. With it, a ton of weight can’t hurt the foot, let alone a wire rope. A pair of “big shoes” instinctively avoid the tragedy, but because of the lack of big shoes caused personal injury

protective shoes protect life

what master Mu called “big shoes” is actually protective shoes. At present, the more common protective shoes include: safety shoes, insulating shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel-making shoes and shoe covers, cold proof shoes, and so on. 1n addition, there are also soles suitable for road builders for heat insulation, soles suitable for construction workers for reinforcement, soles suitable for food The soles of wine workers are damp proof protective shoes, etc. The functions of protective shoes are mainly set according to the working environment and conditions. Generally, they have the functions of anti-skid, anti puncture and anti extrusion. 1n addition, they have specific functions, such as anti conductivity and anti-corrosion< 1t is understood that tens of thousands of production safety accidents occur in industrial, mining and commercial enterprises every year in China, and more than 10000 people die. 1n addition, the situation of occupational hazards is very serious. At present, there are more than 16 million toxic and harmful enterprises in China, and more than 200 million people suffer from occupational hazards. 1n order to reduce casualties and reduce occupational hazards, in addition to establishing and improving the responsibility system, increasing investment in safety funds, and improving safety conditions and facilities, it is also necessary to improve the standard system of personal protective equipment, improve the level of personal protective equipment, and enhance workers' self-protection ability the author interviewed the sales director of a protective shoes factory by telephone. Understand the status of some protective shoes. First of all, we need to be glad that the financial crisis has not caused a big impact on the sales of protective shoes. The domestic sales of protective shoes are very good. This is because, with the increasingly strict implementation of the national labor law, the factory has done more and more in place for the safety protection of workers. Protective shoes are widely used in shipyards, automobile factories and petrochemical refineries. The number of protective shoes purchased by these manufacturers is considerable. 1n terms of price, the price of protective shoes varies greatly due to different brands and added value for domestic protective shoes, if the product is made of two-layer cow leather, the wholesale price is about 50 yuan or 60 yuan; The price of protective shoes with cow hide is about 80 yuan. However, the wholesale price of protective shoes of international brands is more than 300. At present, the scale of enterprises that make protective shoes is mostly in the small and medium-sized. Some old factories that produce protective shoes also have their own brands, but the brand awareness still needs to be improved, so the price is relatively low some data show that after more than 50 years of development, China’s personal protective equipment industry has become an industry with relatively complete categories, stable production, supply and marketing, rich product varieties, which can basically meet the production needs, and has played an important role in reducing casualties and ensuring the health of employees. However, due to various reasons such as the backward concept, the personal protective equipment is ignored by most people, especially the protection of hands and feet, which seems to have nothing to do with the safety of life. Some workers think that work clothes and shoes and hats are only for uniform dressing, or for the welfare of the unit, and some personal protective equipment does not meet the needs of modern production, which leads to the neglect of personal protective equipment, including safety shoes and boots it is understood that for a long time, compared with other high-tech industries and developed industries, the personal protective equipment industry has insufficient investment and slow development. The main high-tech and high standard products of some enterprises have been exported. For example, sunflower 1nternational Group (China) Co., Ltd., which entered the field of personal protection in 2000 and has maintained the record of the first export of PVC industrial and mining boots in China for five consecutive years, exports most of its business volume to Europe. The relevant person in charge said that they are not unwilling to sell in the domestic market, but limited to the fact that domestic enterprises invest less in labor protection equipment, the implementation of relevant national laws and regulations is not enough, and the industry standards are relatively backward and Cheng Jun also said that one of the problems restricting the development of protective shoes in China is the cost of shoes. 1n view of the current background, the price accepted by the enterprises purchasing protective shoes still exists at a relatively low level, and the low price also determines the cost of the product, resulting in the poor quality of cheap labor protection shoes what kind of shoes to wear should be supervised what kind of protective shoes to wear is lack of supervision, Cheng Jun said, which is one of the reasons for the accident. The lack of supervision leads to the occurrence of accidents, or workers suffer more harm when accidents happen she said that for users, there is no one to supervise what kind of shoes they should wear and what kind of protective function they need according to their professional needs. Some enterprises have safety officer inspection, but its strength is often not up to, or the safety officer can not find the worker’s protective shoes are unqualified another purpose of supervision is to check whether the shoes meet the occupational requirements. Cheng Jun said that companies and enterprises generally purchase labor protection products through labor protection companies. Even large enterprises do not necessarily directly contact manufacturers to purchase products. Whether the labor protection companies can meet the requirements in terms of purchasing quality is also one of the problems. The lack of supervision of such work has also led to the flow of some unqualified labor protection articles into the hands of users

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