China’s shoe capital – famous city of safety shoes blossoms in Ruian, my Sohu

it is understood that in 2011, the output of safety shoes in our city reached more than 33.12 million pairs, and the total sales value was abou2.45 billion yuan, accounting for about 50% of the market share of similar products in China. Among them, 240900 pairs of products were exported, and the export value of products exceeded 350 million US dollars, ranking first among similar industrial clusters in China. Products are exported to Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. 1n terms of product grade, about 45% of the total exports are products with a unit export price of more than US $20, and some products even have a unit export price as high as US $50. The variety of safety shoes is also increasing year by year, which is developing to high-tech content, lightweight, comfortable and multi-functional, and changing from single safety function to leisure sports type< According to Chen Zhongwang, Secretary General of Shanghai shoe and leather industry association, they started to apply for "China Shoes Capital - safety shoes city (Ruian)" as early as 2010, formally applied to China Leather Association in April this year, and successfully passed the evaluation of evaluation expert group of China Leather Association in mid July this year. Safety shoes industry is one of the main economic industries of the shoe industry in our city. 1n recent years, it has developed rapidly. The scale of enterprises has increased from 2 in 2001 to 42 at present “the gradual improvement of labor laws and other relevant laws and regulations in European and American countries has brought huge business opportunities to the safety shoes industry in our city. For example, foreign construction workers, even if they install a piece of glass, have to wear safety helmets and safety shoes. After wearing safety shoes for three months, they have to retest the safety performance of the shoes. 1f they are damaged, they must be updated. At the same time, the demand of domestic enterprises for safety shoes also began to show a sharp rise. ” Chen Zhongwang said confidently, “at present, the annual demand for various safety protective shoes at home and abroad is more than 96 million pairs, which is a sunrise industry.” the relevant person in charge of China Leather Association expressed the hope that Ruian would make persistent efforts to make good use of this national brand “golden card”, and suggested that the brand construction should be strengthened to consolidate the market position of leading safety shoes enterprises; Pay attention to the adjustment of product structure, develop towards high-tech content, high added value and multi-function, and extend the functions and uses of products; Actively expand the domestic market, strengthen the cultivation and construction of domestic sales channels; 1ntegrate the resources of the government, enterprises and other parties, give full play to the agglomeration advantages of industrial brands, and optimize the industrial competitiveness; The government and enterprises should increase publicity, improve the regional brand, and accelerate the healthy and orderly development of Ruian safety shoes industry

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