China’s shoes and clothing industry is picking up after economic recovery

recently, China Federation of logistics and purchasing released the purchasing manager index of China’s manufacturing industry in December 2009. The export order index was 52.6%. Although the index fell by 1 percentage point compared with last month, it is in the expansion range, indicating that the decline space of China’s foreign trade exports is narrowing, and the export situation is gradually turning around, but the market trend is still unstable< Looking back on the track of China's PM1 index in 2009, the export order index mainly shows the following characteristics: the recovery of foreign trade export market is slow. 1n 2008, after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the new order index and export order index both fell to the bottom in November 2008, just like the composite index (PM1). Driven by the government’s strong measures to “maintain growth”, the index of new orders (50.4%) reversed in February 2009. However, the export order index showed a slow turn in May (50.1%). 1t shows that under the pull of investment, domestic demand is the first to recover. But the external demand is restrained by the global overall economic recession and the sharp decline of demand, and the recovery is slow the upward trend of foreign demand market is slow, the global economy is recovering slowly, and China’s export situation is also recovering slowly exports continue to be good. Judging from the trend, the export order index has been standing above the critical point for eight consecutive months, indicating that the export market continues to pick up. 1n terms of structure, industries with a large proportion of exports, such as metal products industry, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment and clothing, shoes and hats manufacturing industry, have shown steady growth in recent months. 1n particular, the clothing, shoes and hats manufacturing industry, its export order index in the first nine months of 2009 in 20 industries in the bottom five, six. Since October, the export order index began to pick up, rising to 56.9% in December, ranking fifth among 20 industries. This shows that the industry is gradually out of the doldrums, and the market recovery has slightly improved the export situation is still unstable. On the one hand, the index is unstable. 11. 1n December, the growth of export order index showed a slight correction, with the correction rates of 0.9 and 1.0 percentage points respectively. On the other hand, the industry structure is unstable. For example, the chemical fiber manufacturing and rubber and plastic products industry is at a low level; The export order index of textile industry (44.2%) and general equipment manufacturing industry (40%) showed a significant decline in December after an increase in November. This shows that the current situation of foreign demand market is still unstable

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