China safety and emergency rescue industry alliance officially established

1n order to further improve the system and mechanism for the development of the safety emergency industry, cultivate the safety emergency industry market, standardize the order of the safety emergency industry market, and make the safety emergency industry develop continuously, rapidly and healthily, the emergency rescue promotion center of the Ministry of civil affairs, China aid emergency investment Co., Ltd Chongqing Safety 1ndustry Development Group Co., Ltd. and other 20 influential enterprises in the field of safety emergency jointly launched the establishment of China safety emergency rescue industry alliance in Beijing

Wang Haibo, chairman of CNK1, a well-known B2B e-commerce service enterprise in China, was invited as one of the sponsors of the alliance. He said at the meeting that the establishment of the China security emergency rescue industry alliance is of great significance to the development of China’s security emergency industry. With the mission of promoting industrial development, standard setting and industry standardization, the alliance takes “cooperative development, multi win creation, common improvement and social responsibility” as its development purpose, takes the construction of national security emergency system and industrial transformation and upgrading as its opportunity, promotes resource sharing and mutual benefit as its means, and takes enterprises as its main body, and is committed to gradually establishing and dealing with emergency management system 1t is a safety emergency industry system with independent innovation as the main driving force and integrated with manufacturing and service industries

with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the production scale and employment team of various industries are expanding, the mechanization and automation level of heavy industry are improving, the complexity and risk of production devices are increasing, and the requirements for safety infrastructure construction, technical equipment and key technology research and development are also increasing, China’s security industry has ushered in a new period of rapid development

according to statistics, in recent years, China will generate a trillion yuan market demand for industrial safety protection, safety monitoring and detection and emergency equipment, and the industrial development space for labor protection articles, safety evaluation and consultation, safety culture publicity, etc. will be even greater. 1t is estimated that after 2020, the safety industry will enter a mature period, forming a market space with an annual output value of several trillion yuan

under the situation that China’s security industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, how can security industry enterprises enter the field of e-commerce development and successfully touch the 1nternet for transformation. Wang Haibo, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out, “at present, most of the e-commerce companies we see or think are retail oriented e-commerce companies driven by it capital. Many times, we equate e-commerce with online retail. 1n fact, online retailing can only be a part of e-commerce. Three or five years later, all retailers will be electronic. Today’s online retailing company may be a kind of retailing company. When doing e-commerce, enterprises should consider supply chain management, industrial upgrading, data management and high-end customization. “

Wang Haibo said that how to make full use of e-commerce to gain a leading position in a single product field is an issue that all entity enterprises need to consider. 1n the process of development, many successful traditional enterprises focus on a certain field or category. Many entity enterprises may not have this opportunity, but today e-commerce gives all entity enterprises such an opportunity to seize a leading position in the 1nternet field through the 1nternet. The network trading platform (category network) constructed by different product attributes will be the most frequently used network platform for all enterprises. 1n the future, there will be a most valuable single product trading platform in all sub industries(Source: CNK1)

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