Chinese brand shoes are popular at New York Fair

according to relevant media reports, at least four brands of leisure canvas shoes, including Huili, Shulong and Jiefang, came to show their leisure canvas shoes at the autumn fashion trend exhibition of sports shoes held in New York this year. They are all brands with Chinese origin

when it comes to these brands, there are some very similar characteristics between them: they use rubber vulcanization technology, and their appearance is Chinese style canvas style. Many of them have upgraded their materials, followed their unique inspiration in design, and used part of the sales funds for charity. Of course, there are slight differences between them

in recent years, sports shoes have moved away from exaggeration, and consumers want them to look low-key. Aesthetically, these Chinese brands show a kind of anonymity, just as everyone looks the same. Beyond that, what consumers want to say is that they are citizens of the world, not athletes. These traditional Chinese Brand canvas shoes with rich historical stories just meet the demands of European and American customers

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