Chinese clothing, shoes and other products are widely welcomed by Vietnamese consumers

according to the data of Vietnam’s import and export from China last year, Vietnam’s import exceeded US $12.7 billion, eight times of that in 2002< The total amount of Vietnam's exports to China last year was US $7.3 billion, but the amount of goods imported from China was US $20 billion statistics show that Chinese products are almost everywhere. Chinese products can be seen in trade centers, supermarkets and retail markets. Moreover, most of the products are goods that can be produced and provided by domestic enterprises in Vietnam, such as clothing, toys, shoes, vegetables, fruits, etc there is a special toy selling area in the ninth County of Ho Chi Minh City. The operators said that we will not sell toys made in Vietnam this year because no one will buy them. The competitiveness of Vietnamese toys is too poor to compete with imported toys mobile phone, Chinese mainland made electronic products and parts, almost all mobile phone distribution centers and telephone supply stores, and favored by consumers. Chinese mainland mobile phones almost exclusively occupied the sales market of Hu Zhiming mobile phone. Br/>
according to the statistics of the Vietnamese customs administration, Vietnam imported $936 million mobile phone products last year, and Chinese mainland has 791 million dollars, accounting for 84.5%. According to the report, China’s low price, high profit and rich variety of imported goods are the reasons for defeating Vietnam’s products

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