Chinese Embassy calls on Kenyan Chinese funded enterprises to strictly control quality and safety in production safety

According to the website of the business office of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Chinese enterprises have become the main contractors of construction projects in Kenya, with a large number of projects under construction, wide distribution and high attention. 1n order to ensure the safety of project construction and personnel, all relevant enterprises are requested to strictly control the safety production of the project to ensure the safety and smooth construction of the project< First, strictly control the quality and safety. The project construction adheres to the principle of "safety first and quality first". 1t is not allowed to rush the construction period and catch up with the schedule for any reason to ensure the project quality and production safety< Second, organize self inspection of safety production. Please immediately conduct a comprehensive investigation on the safety production and quality management of the project in Kenya, focusing on the inspection of safety production system and implementation, safety supplies and safety investment, safety education and training, quality supervision, emergency plans and drills, so as to ensure the elimination of potential safety production hazards and no major problems, We should pay close attention to the rectification and implementation of the hidden dangers and problems found. 1t is necessary to formulate and improve special plans to deal with media, organize special personnel to be responsible for external public relations and media response, and coordinate and solve problems as soon as possible to avoid causing great impact< 3. Timely report. 1n case of production safety accidents causing casualties, they shall report to the embassy and business office as soon as possible; Before releasing accident information to the media, the release caliber shall be submitted to the embassy for approval in advance. From now on, the leaders of relevant companies will be held responsible for the occurrence of safety production accidents and failure to report in time

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