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sponsored by China Society of labor protection science and technology, it is a scientific research and technical personnel engaged in labor protection, labor safety and health, safe production, occupational health, preventive medicine, occupational safety and health supervision, environmental protection, disaster prevention and loss prevention, etc; Management cadres and safety technicians of safety, environmental protection and labor protection in enterprises and institutions; Relevant teachers and students of secondary and higher education institutions; Workers from all walks of life; Experts and scholars related to safety science and technology, as well as safety and health supervision, supervision and diagnosis workers at all levels. 1ts contents include:

discussion on basic theory and discipline construction of safety science, progress and review of safety science at home and abroad, establishment and theory of new discipline

new ideas, new theories and new achievements in safety engineering and health engineering, such as dust prevention, anti-virus, noise and vibration control, radiation protection, personal protection, boiler and pressure vessel safety, fire and explosion prevention, mine safety and health, mechanical and electrical safety, etc

mining safety, metallurgical safety, construction safety, traffic safety, petrochemical industry safety, energy safety, aviation and aerospace industry safety, river and sea transportation safety, road and railway transportation safety, military and explosive industry safety, machinery safety, water conservancy and electric power safety, electronic industry safety, broadcasting and communication safety, hazardous substance storage safety, geological exploration safety New ideas, methods and achievements of safety and health engineering practice in the fields of textile industry safety, agriculture, forestry safety, product safety, home tourism safety, food safety, sports safety, fire safety, disaster prevention, disaster reduction, insurance, technical safety and environmental protection, etc

safety system engineering, safety ergonomics, safety management science, safety information science, safety ergonomics

safety economics, safety education, safety psychology, safety thinking and safety behavior

theoretical and practical research on occupational health medicine, preventive medicine, safety physiology, safety and health standards, rescue medicine

Safety Ethics and safety law, such as laws, legislation and supervision required for safety, as well as existing research on labor safety and health regulations

the theory and practice of risk, risk control and risk assessment of new technology application in energy conversion, transportation, anthropogenic emissions and raw materials, the research on the role of human in risk, and the theory and practice of major hazard source assessment

discussion and Practice on the theory of enterprise safety production management and enterprise (industry) safety and health evaluation

safety, disaster reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development strategy, urban comprehensive disaster reduction, human error and poison, major poison and environmental protection, safety and health

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publication Description: Monthly

domestic unified issue number: cn11-2865 / x

international standard issue number: issn1003-3033

distribution scope: domestic and international public offering

domestic pricing: 12.00 yuan / issue

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editor in chief: Xu Deshu

editor in chief: Zhang Aijun, Xu Yafeng

editor in charge: Xu Deshu

address: No.17, Huixin West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

postcode: 100029

Tel: 010-6494655964941313 / 12

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