Chongqing mechanical and electrical skills competition needs to wear insulating shoes

Recently, the mechatronics project of the third China Chongqing Vocational Skills Competition (central competition) was launched in Chongqing 1ndustrial technician college. For the first time, the competition refers to the technical standards and procedures of the world skills competition, aiming to cultivate more compound high skilled talents for our city

in the afternoon of that day, there were 20 athletes in pairs in the mechatronics event. According to the arrangement of the competition, the competitors have to complete the operation of five parts, including six axis industrial robot and touch screen, and finally assemble an automatic production line for drug packaging. Liu Junhua is one of the contestants and a maintenance electrician of Chongqing Weichai engine factory” 1n the factory, most of them are big parts, and the competition site uses spare parts, so they need to be more careful in installation. ” Liu Junhua said that the requirements on the operation specifications are also more detailed

“safety is the top priority, and this competition pays more attention to the operation specification.” Shen Yue, the referee of the competition, said that taking production safety as an example, each player needs to wear insulating shoes, while the female player needs to wear a hat” Players who violate the rules will not only be deducted points, but may even be disqualified. “

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