Chongqing men’s house wall live in and out door with insulating gloves

Xiao Zhang, who lives in “Xicheng kejing resettlement housing community” in Xiyong, Shaqu District, a week ago, water began to drip from the ceiling of his home. Facing the mess of a room, Xiao Zhang was very depressed. As there are many places with water leakage, some of them have wetted the meters and wires at the door of his house. As the water spread, the wall at the door of his house became electrified

Xiao Zhang said that a few days ago, the plug-in boards and lights in his home were burnt out because of the short circuit. Now afraid of being electrocuted, Xiao Zhang has to wear insulating gloves when going in and out, just in case. Where does so much water come from? Xiao Zhang said that there are residents on the eighth floor of his house. However, because this family has been away for a long time, it is impossible to find out whether the water pipe of his home is leaking or whether the roof or exterior wall of the building is leaking

now, the leakage has flowed from the 7th floor down the wire box in the stairwell to the 1st floor. 1f this happens for a long time, it will inevitably cause safety problems. 1n response, the Yongxing community neighborhood committee, which manages the rehousing houses, said that they are trying their best to find the residents on the 8th floor. 1f they have to, they will also ask the police for help to determine the information of the residents on the 8th floor

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