Chongqing nurses change their work clothes

When it comes to nurses, the first thing we think of is plain white clothes. 1n the dignified atmosphere of the hospital, it is somewhat aesthetic fatigue

Xinqiao Hospital: the front desk guide nurses’ uniform imitates the stewardess’ uniform to enhance the sense of professionalism

when you go to the hospital today, you will see a bright future: there are nurses in elegant uniforms in front of the guide desk, and there are nurses in printed suits in the ward… The clothes of nurses in many hospitals in the main city have changed greatly, and the new nurses’ clothes set off the cordial temperament of nurses

nurses cross dress as hospital stewardesses

“Miss Peng, can 1 have a picture with you?” Early yesterday morning, Peng Na, head nurse of tumor center ward of Daping Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, was invited to take a group photo after checking the infusion bottle of the patient in bed 18

this is not the first time that she was invited like this yesterday. 1n the first few wards where Penna checked, patients asked her to take pictures with the accompanying nurses

Why are nurses so popular? 1t turned out that yesterday Daping Hospital changed Peng Na and her colleagues into new nurses’ clothes, and all the angels’ white clothes were changed into light blue ones. After taking a picture with Penna, the patient in bed 18 said with a smile: “although the white clothes are changed, the angels are still.”

the reporter found that in addition to Daping Hospital, Xinqiao Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chongqing Great Wall hospital and other hospitals also have their own characteristics of nursing clothes. Among them, Xinqiao Hospital is more ingenious, using a variety of different colors of nurse clothes, known as “colorful nurse”. Nurses in Zhongshan hospital not only wear different colors of uniforms, but also have different styles

the uniform tempts the patients to love

the new nurses’ clothes not only make the nurses very happy, but also make the patients bright in front of their eyes

Mr. Liang, who is in the Department of general surgery of Daping Hospital, said: “as soon as the nurse came in this morning, 1 noticed that her clothes had changed. 1 felt that all the nurses who had changed their work clothes had become more beautiful.”

a few days ago, a 27 year old man with a high fever came to the emergency room of Zhongshan Hospital. The nurse Jin Ping helped him with infusion. He has been looking for reasons to ask Jin Ping to readjust. At first, Jin Ping thought that he was deliberately making trouble. Until the end of the infusion, the man asked for her phone number, and she realized that she had met a suitor

in the next few days, this guy came to the hospital almost every day, claiming that he was dizzy and had a stomachache, and asked to be hospitalized for infusion. As soon as he saw that Jinping had changed his work clothes, he took out his mobile phone to take photos. “1 like the way this girl looks in a nurse’s uniform. 1t’s very nice. Maybe that’s the temptation of uniform,” he said

Jin Ping told reporters that many nurses in the hospital have experienced this kind of experience. She said with a smile: “the clothes are customized according to the size of each nurse, so they fit very well and look better after wearing them. However, 1 didn’t expect that this dress would bring good luck. “< Huang Qiuping, a young nurse in the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, is the first choice for nurses to take wedding photos. Huang Qiuping, a young nurse in the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, was envied when she heard that some hospital nurses’ clothes were beautiful when she was practicing in other hospitals. After coming to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, she finally put on the uniform of her dream yesterday, wearing a light blue nurse skirt, she turned around in front of a reporter from Chongqing Evening News and asked with a smile, “is it good-looking?” She said that although she has no boyfriend now, she has planned to take a group of wedding photos in nurses’ clothes in the future Yang Guangping, director of Nursing Department of the hospital, said: “when 1 was young, nurses’ clothes were all white. 1f 1 had such beautiful clothes at that time, 1 would wear them when 1 took wedding photos.” Yu Ruiying, director of Nursing Department of Daping Hospital, said that the new nurses’ clothes are more concise than before and are modified according to the dress style of flight attendants. “We hope to bring visual enjoyment to the majority of patients through such changes, so that patients can have a more warm atmosphere when they are hospitalized.” according to the head of Nursing Department of Xinqiao Hospital, according to the psychological needs of patients, the hospital adopts a variety of colors of new clothes, the most commonly used colors are pink, light blue, light green, etc., turning angels in white into angels in color, so that patients can improve their mood and actively cooperate with the treatment psychologically copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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