Chongqing shoemaking enterprises are ready to go

Wang Zhengkun, general manager of Mengjiao company, a private shoe enterprise from Wenzhou, was busy directing workers to carry boxes of self brand shoes exported to Vietnam to Tamura market, the largest leather Distribution Center in Nanning, Guangxi, on August 8

“compared with the high anti-dumping duty imposed on exports to the EU, it is more necessary to develop the ASEAN market under zero tariff.” Wang Zhengkun said that after the impact of the financial crisis, the purchasing power of local residents in the ASEAN region has declined as a whole. As long as the export leather shoes are cheap and of good quality, they are easily favored by the market

in Heping shopping mall, Nanning’s famous shoes, bags and clothing trading market, there are also a large number of shoe enterprises from Guangdong, Fujian and other places, which are planning to do business in ASEAN

“instead of guarding the domestic market, we should take advantage of zero tariff to find business opportunities in ASEAN.” Zhao Heli, deputy general manager of Dahe company, a private shoe enterprise in Dongguan, said that under zero tariff, exporting a pair of leather shoes to ASEAN will at least reduce the tariff cost of shoes exported to other countries by 10%” Do you need to say more about the business opportunities? “

at present, it is not only China’s shoe enterprises that plan to turn to the ASEAN market, but also some “foresight” shoe enterprises from Vietnam have begun to step out of the country. 1n Heping shopping mall, the reporter saw that several shoe enterprise agents from Vietnam sold slippers made in Vietnam under Chinese signs

“after zero tariff, everyone wants to be the first to eat crab. The earlier the layout and sales, the sooner it will be accepted by the market. ” Wen Yi, deputy director of the service department of Heping mall, believes that after the completion of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, footwear products will become the first “sweet” products in bilateral trade

attractive business opportunities are just around the corner. Are Chongqing enterprises moving

the reporter learned from Chongqing Leather Association that Chongqing leather shoes enterprises have planned to “enter ASEAN” as a group under the stimulation of the double advantages of Chongqing leather shoes export doubling against the trend in recent years and the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area

as a pioneer of Chongqing leather shoes enterprises to seek gold in ASEAN, Liu Wenbo, director of “adelong” leather shoes factory, which has exported shoes with a total price of 300000 yuan to ASEAN in recent two years, revealed that the awareness of Chinese leather shoes brands in ASEAN market is still limited

he suggested that Chongqing shoe enterprises who want to enter the ASEAN market should first quickly enter the market at a price that local consumers are willing to accept, and stir up the reputation of Chongqing leather shoes, and then add product series, increase high-end products, and gradually occupy the market

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