Chongqing style clothing has moved to the whole country. We should find a way to make it live after moving

after more than 20 years of development, Chongqing style clothing, like Shanghai style, Han style and other regional clothing, has formed a regional characteristic advantage

“Yupai clothing began to be sold all over the country.” Cheng Qifei, the owner of Yupai clothing, said with pride that in the past, Chongqing processing factory always pasted the brand of clothing from Guangzhou and other places, and did not dare to say that it was made in Chongqing. Now Yupai clothing is very popular in China< However, Zhang Jin, director of Nan'an District Business Committee, reminded that Chongqing style clothing was facing relocation and could not follow the same pattern as Chongqing style shoes three items of Chongqing style clothing are the first in Western China Chongqing style clothing has formed a regional advantage, with three records becoming the first in Western China< At the press conference of the 7th China Chongqing international clothing festival held recently, Ma Mingyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing municipal government, said that after 10 years of development, the overall influence of Chongqing clothing group has increased. Although its overall size is not as big as some coastal brand enterprises, it has won three first places in Western China. first, the scale of industry is the first. By the end of 2009, there were 3820 garment processing enterprises in Chongqing. According to the industrial output value of garment enterprises above Designated Size, Chongqing ranked 14th in China and the first in the western region. There are 13 garment enterprises with sales revenue of over 100 million yuan in Chongqing. Chongqing has become the largest production base of women’s wear and down wear in Western China. Second, the design ability is the first in the West. Ma Mingyuan said that in Chongqing, a large number of colleges and universities such as Chuanmei, Southwest University and Business University, as well as vocational and technical secondary schools have set up fashion design majors and trained a large number of fashion designers. thirdly, the cohesion of professional merchants is the first. Ma Mingyuan said that Chongqing’s clothing is fashionable and cheap, and the market reaction is fast. Now many dealers from all over the country, including Guangzhou Baima, come to Chongqing to wholesale clothes and sell them to the whole country< However, Zhang Jin, director of Nan'an District Commercial Committee, reminded: "Yu Pai's clothing should not follow the same old road as Wu Yuan's shoes street. We should find a way to move our home." as early as 10 years ago, Chongqing shoes street was formed in the area of the Fifth People’s Hospital in Nan’an District, and the business was very prosperous. At that time, there was a popular advertising slogan “men have kershi, women have juechi”. Chongqing shoes sold well all over the country with the process of urbanization, these leather shoes enterprises began to move one after another. However, due to pollution and other restrictions, many leather shoes enterprises moved to tea garden and then to Bishan leather shoes park. After several setbacks, the well-known local leather shoes brands of Chongqing in the area of Wuyuan were basically wiped out Wang xiumo, an expert from the 1nstitute of enterprise and economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, also said that with the development of Yupai clothing, some local brands have begun to go to the whole country, which is not easy. The government and relevant departments should do a good job in planning and guidance, not to repeat the same mistake of Wuyuan leather shoes street, and not to let such a vibrant industry submerge in the urbanization construction

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