choose different work clothes in different working environment

Work clothes are tailor-made clothes for work. Professional work clothes can protect skin from injury, waterproof and radiation. Therefore, when working in different environments, work clothes should also be customized with different properties. Professional work clothes can always take care of your health

when you work in a high temperature environment, there is a large amount of heat radiation. Therefore, when you work in a high temperature environment, you should try to choose white or light color work clothes, and the cloth should be thick and soft. 1n addition, people sweat a lot when working in high temperature, and some people like to be shirtless. This will cause heat radiation to burn the skin, make the skin hot and dry, and reduce the heat dissipation function. 1t’s also easy to get hurt. So when working in high temperature, you should not only wear clothes, but also wrap yourself tightly

the workers who operate the machines often travel between large machines, so they need to avoid the clothes being twisted by the machines, and they also need to be resistant to friction. Therefore, the work clothes should be tight, the hem, cuffs and trouser legs can be buttoned up, and the fabric should be strong, wear-resistant, and the color should be deep

workers engaged in chemical production should wear thick tight sleeve overalls, Rubber Aprons, rubber gloves, rubber overshoes and other protective accessories when working in the workshop containing corrosive substances. 1f necessary, they should also wear rubber work clothes with helmets that can be isolated from the outside world

for general outdoor work, agricultural workers can use general light color coarse cloth or khaki work clothes. Forest workers should wear three tight work clothes, neckline, cuffs and ankles should be tightened to prevent pests

cooks and food workers should wear white work clothes with buttons on the back. The work clothes should be longer than the knee, the cuffs should be fastened tightly, and hats and masks should be worn to enhance cleanliness and prevent food contamination

in addition to choosing work clothes according to the nature of the work, special clothes should also be used. Work clothes should only be worn in the workshop and should not be taken home to prevent the spread of bacteria or poisons. We should also pay attention to keep clean and tidy, clean and mend frequently to ensure the protective effect of the work clothes

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