Chuanqing geophysical exploration “senior” migrant workers give safety lessons

in the early morning of February 18, Hu Bing got up early at the shelter of drilling units in area 1 of Gaoshiti East 3D project of Chuanqing geophysical exploration company, and checked the relocation route and risk sources along the way carefully with the captain

as a seasonal worker, Hu Bing worked in the drilling group of the geophysical exploration team on and off for 15 years, with rich field construction experience and strong safety production capacity

just a few days ago, Hu Bing received a notice early in the morning, asking him to give a safety production lesson to the cadres of the project department who came to the construction site for investigation. When he saw that the training objects were actually project leaders and technicians, Hu Bing was a little embarrassed” You have experienced many things in the field and have rich experience in safety production. 1t’s most appropriate for you to train everyone. ” The project manager said to Hu Bing. As soon as the words came down, applause rang out

“OK. 1’ll talk about the safety production method of field construction. ” Hu Bing raised his voice

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