Chunjiang shoes: hundreds of millions of euros and US dollars in exchange for one shoe

Strong team support, excellent quality system

build best-selling products in 40 countries and regions

the company has more than 550 employees, 60 engineering and technical personnel, and 6 leading production lines at home and abroad, mainly producing medium and high-end PU / PU, PU / TPU, PU / rubber and cold adhesive safety shoes or outdoor shoes, with a monthly output of more than 160000 pairs. At present, the company has passed 1SO9001:2008 international quality system certification, also passed the European BSC1 and Wal Mart factory inspection. 1n addition, Chunjiang shoes products have passed the European EN 1SO 20345:2011 standard and Australian as / nzs2210.3:2000 standard, and obtained more than 100 CE, as / NZS and other standard certificates. The products sell well in Europe, America, Arab countries and regions< After 13 years of development, Chunjiang shoes has three subsidiaries: Linyi Chunyu Shoes Co., Ltd., Shandong sels Shoes Co., Ltd. and Linyi spring import and Export Co., Ltd. Chunjiang people adhere to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, innovation and efficiency" and the quality policy and philosophy of "people-oriented, quality-oriented, strict and reasonable, scientific and technological innovation". Truly realize the product promise of "Chunjiang safety shoes make your future" to people all over the world Chunjiang safety shoes make your future high quality steel toe cap, anti puncture sole Chunjiang shoes industry has been carrying out the steel toe cap technology of “using high quality materials to provide consumers with high quality and reliable products”. With the scientific step structure concept, it is made by melting and casting the selected top-grade cow skin. “The steel toe used in our safety shoes, no matter the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness, the thickness Anti smash performance or anti rust performance are far more than the steel head sold on the market Lin Yonggang, chairman of Chunjiang Shoes Co., Ltd., said that he showed the profile of his safety shoes to the global shoe network: the upper is made of top leather, and the contact parts between the tongue and sole and the upper are filled with a certain thickness of sponge to ensure comfort; The inner lining of ankle protection layer adopts breathable mesh cloth; The middle part of the insole is supported by Pu + TPU mixture, and the toughness and hardness coefficient are enough to protect the arch of the foot. 1n addition, Chunjiang’s safety shoes also have its unique anti smashing and anti piercing sole. The sole of Chunjiang’s safety shoes is equipped with high-quality steel plate insole, which can greatly resist the impact of hard and sharp objects. The safety factor is higher. The sole is made of PU / rubber, which is wear-resistant and anti slip. The unique soft air cushion at the heel reduces the impact of external force on the heel and provides a more comfortable wearing experience never forget the original intention Chunjiang shoes industry has been running all the time nowadays, Chunjiang safety shoes have been well-known with their best-selling overseas products. Chunjiang shoes industry has always been producing high-quality safety protection products to meet the various needs of customers in different countries with the business philosophy of innovation and excellence, And with many years of safety protection experience and exchanges and cooperation between various enterprises for several years in succession, Chunjiang shoes has won the awards of Shandong famous trademark, Linyi special new enterprise, Shandong safety shoes demonstration enterprise and star enterprise. These glories are not only the pressure, but also the driving force for the sustainable development of Chunjiang shoe industry. As of 2016, the sales volume of Chunjiang shoe industry has reached 130 million, which has made great contributions to the local economic development and international trade exchanges. At the 2016 grand ceremony of China’s shoe industry, Chunjiang shoe industry won the award of “top ten shoe enterprises in Shandong”. Chunjiang brand has won the recognition and praise of customers. 1t can be predicted that Chunjiang shoe industry, which has been persisting in innovation and development, will create more brilliant achievements

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