Chuzhou petroleum starts from scratch to strengthen security

Chuzhou oil company starts with wearing “safety helmet” and strengthens the safety awareness of employees. The company will purchase safety helmets in a unified way, and the full-time safety personnel will check and accept whether the safety helmets are produced by the state licensed manufacturer, whether they have the certificate and inspection certificate, and the pressure resistance of the safety helmets. The safety belts in each box of safety helmets will be spot checked on site to see if they meet the requirements, and the safety helmets will be issued to the gas station for use only after they are qualified, Truly ensure that employees use safety helmets from the source

in order to change the “old problem” that individual employees don’t check before wearing safety helmets and don’t wear safety belts, the company arranges special personnel to monitor the oil unloading operation of the oil station through video monitoring. Once it is found that the employees don’t wear safety helmets during the oil unloading operation, they board the roof of the oil tank or wear those that do not meet the requirements, and immediately call the oil station to implement the rectification, Ensure the safety of work at height. Through a series of measures, the company’s employees’ awareness of wearing safety helmets has been greatly enhanced

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