Civil protective masks should be graded and marked before starting

With the frequent attack of haze in recent years, air purifiers and masks have become new favorites in the market. 1n order to seize the market, major manufacturers have launched related products. But what do you think of the face mask as a personal thing? How to grade the protection effect in the case of haze removal? 1t is reported that since November 1, the “technical specification for daily protective masks” (hereinafter referred to as the “specification”) has been officially implemented, which is China’s first national standard for civil protective masks. However, the code clearly states that this standard “does not apply to masks for children”

according to the code, civil protective masks are divided into four levels: A, B, C and D. the corresponding protective effects of each level are not less than 90%, 85%, 75% and 65% respectively. The applicable air quality index categories of each level are serious pollution, serious and below pollution, severe and below pollution, moderate and below pollution According to the code, the level of protective effect will appear in the relevant signs of protective masks

the specification clearly states that this standard is “not applicable to masks for children”. 1n this regard, experts explained that due to the great differences in children’s physical characteristics, the accumulation of medical data and experimental data on the impact of respiratory resistance on children’s growth still needs to be improved, so the “code” does not make special provisions on children’s masks

how to wear protective mask correctly

wash hands before wearing the mask and before and after taking off the mask

keep the mask close to the face

the color side of the mask is outward, and the metal side is upward

fasten the rope to fix the mask, or wrap the rubber band around the ear to make the mask close to the face

the mask should completely cover the mouth, nose and chin

press the metal pieces on the mask along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face

after wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to avoid reducing the protective effect; 1f you have to touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching

when taking off the mask, try to avoid touching the outward part of the mask as this part may be contaminated with bacteria

after taking off the mask, put it into the tape or paper bag, and then put it into the dustbin with cover for disposal

the mask should be replaced at least once a day. 1f the mask is damaged or contaminated, it should be replaced immediately

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