Cixi of Zhejiang Province helps the brand construction of shoes and hats industry

recently, many enterprises in Cixi, Zhejiang Province have received a “trademark brand development proposal”, which is printed with the qualification conditions for applying for China’s well-known, provincial and municipal famous trademarks, as well as the brand development strategies and suggestions. With one book in hand, the trademark application and planning will become more convenient and clear. This is one of the specific services of the newly established brand building guidance station

it is understood that in order to further guide, encourage and support enterprises to register, use and protect their trademarks, Xiaolin branch of Cixi private individual association and Xiaolin industrial and commercial office have set up the brand building guidance stations of Xinpu, Xiaolin, Qiaotou and Shengshan towns, Publicize the laws and regulations of trademark and brand construction to the enterprises under the jurisdiction, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to create brands, clarify the ideas of creating brands, and conduct research according to the industrial characteristics and brand status of enterprises, so as to tailor the “brand creation” for enterprises

in recent years, Xinpu, Xiaolin, Qiaotou and Shengshan towns have implemented industrial cluster and transformation development strategies, forming an economic development pattern with private economy as the main body. At present, these four towns have more than 10000 enterprises of various types, 21 enterprises with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, and 16 state-level high-tech enterprises. They have successively built five industrial clusters, including the national home appliance base in Xinpu Town, the national cloth angle clothing production base in Shengshan Town, the domestic shoes and hats electronic network base in Xiaolin Town, and the waste plastic recycling resource base in Yandun village, Qiaotou town, 1t has formed five pillar industries, including household appliances, mechanical bearings, cloth angle clothing, shoes and hats, electronic network, solar photovoltaic and waste plastic renewable resources. At present, it has become the largest Renhe brand solar photovoltaic production base in the world and the largest household appliances production base in China. At the same time, guided by the agricultural industrialization development mode of “enterprise + farmer + base”, it has formed 30000 Mu grape base, 20000 mu foreign exchange earning vegetable base and 100000 Mu sea beach breeding base, enjoying the reputation of “home appliance and grape town in China”. So far, the town has 27 national brands, including 11 Chinese famous brand products, 15 Chinese well-known trademarks and 1 Chinese export famous brand; There are more than 20 provincial famous brand products and famous trademarks

nowadays, the township brand building work guidance station has set up a bridge between enterprises and industrial and commercial departments, forming a new pattern of township brand building work, which is led by industry and commerce, supported by the township government and based on full-time personnel

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