Classification and application of noise reduction earplug

Anti noise earplug (sound insulation earplug) is generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam material, high elastic polyester material. After inserting the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle and inner ears (eardrum), so as to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can get a quiet rest or working environment. Classified by material, function and shape

1. By material classification

silicone earplug: Generally speaking, Guo Degang earplug made of silicone has the performance of repeated use, but also because of the low softness of silicone, long-term wearing will often cause ear discomfort, even pain. Because silicone is not as soft as sponge and can’t cling to the wall of ear canal, the sound insulation effect is not as ideal as sponge earplug

sponge earplug: it is made of low-pressure foam material and high elastic polyester material, with smooth surface, slow rebound, no swelling pain when using, and the sound insulation effect is between 25db-40db. This kind of earplug is very suitable for sleeping every night, but it can’t be used repeatedly because of the slow rebound effect after cleaning. Generally speaking, sponge earplugs are disposable. However, with the development of science, there are some sponge earplugs on the market that can be reused for more than half a year and can be scrubbed

wax earplug: wax earplug is the originator of anti noise earplug, which can be softened by hand and made into a shape suitable for the ear canal. But the disadvantage is not enough hygiene, wax may also remain in the ear canal, not easy to clean. The most common shape of anti noise earplug is bullet nose. There are also Baku’s patented rocket type (T-shaped), horn type, cylindrical and tripod type

bullet head shape: it is widely used and recognized as a more comfortable and sound insulation sponge earplug

rocket type: it is easy to pull out, but it is easy to cause gaps in the ear canal, which leads to unsatisfactory sound insulation effect

trumpet shape: hard center, easy to insert earplug, made of silica gel

Christmas tree shape: generally made of silica gel, with slight swelling and pain, used for labor protection earplug and swimming earplug

pagoda shape: the derivative of bullet head shape, which is the earplug shape independently developed by 3M company

cylindrical: This earplug has high flexibility and can be easily molded into a shape suitable for the ear canal. However, compared with the bullet and rocket type, because the two ends are the same width, the end entering the ear canal is not easy to be rubbed into a size suitable for the ear canal

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