Classification and nursing methods of skin properties

in order to protect your skin and choose proper cosmetics, you must first understand the nature of your skin. Generally, skin can be divided into three types, namely oily, neutral and dry, but from the perspective of medical beauty, skin can be divided into six types< (1) oily skin because it secretes too much sebum, it makes the whole face glossy, which is darker and thicker than dry and neutral skin, and its pores are thicker, which is similar to orange peel. Acne and pimples are easy to appear on the face. Sebum secretion is more, especially in the face and T-shaped area; The skin texture is rough and easy to be polluted; Weak antibacterial, easy to acne; Poor adhesion, easy to fall off after make-up; Can withstand external stimulation, not aging, facial wrinkles later nursing methods oily skin is easy to become untidy due to excessive sebum secretion, glossy face, secretion of aging substances and other reasons. The sebum and aging substance secreted in this way block the pores and easily cause skin problems such as pimples and acne. So oily skin must pay attention to cleaning. Try to avoid the increase of oil, add enough water, prevent the lack of water oily skin< The most important thing for br/>
is to do a thorough and clean double cleanliness. For oily skin, avoid using oily, oily products, choose cleansing products such as refreshing cleansing, cleansing towels and cleansing milk, and then use foam cleansing cream to double cleanse. When cleaning face, sebum secretion, easy to accumulate aging parts, to carefully massage, first wash with warm water, and then tap several times with cold water

in addition, more sebum secretion does not mean that there is no lack of moisture, so you should choose to use basic skin care products with excellent moisturizing effect while adjusting sebum in the morning and evening, and wipe them carefully. Sebum secretion especially many T-shaped parts, you can use convergence effect of excellent make-up water, stained with cotton, put for a while is also very effective< (2) neutral skin the skin texture is smooth, delicate, soft and glossy, with fine pores and moderate oil and water content. 1t looks ruddy, smooth, flawless and elastic. 1t’s not sensitive to external stimulation, not suitable for wrinkles, and it’s not easy to lose make-up after make-up. 1t is more common in adolescent girls. The skin is dry in winter and oily in summer. With the change of season and the condition of the body, the skin is sometimes dry and has pimples. We should provide nutrition and water continuously. Dry skin after 30 years old nursing methods neutral skin can be called a healthy skin state with balanced oil and water. However, due to the change of seasons, health status and living environment, neutral skin will change slightly and completely. Therefore, in order to keep healthy and neutral skin, regular basic care is needed. The key point of nursing neutral skin is to keep the balance of skin moisture and nutrition. Spring, summer to do to clean the main fresh skin care, autumn, winter to do to increase the nutrition of the skin nourishing care. The new supersedes the old. Regular massage and facial mask are used to promote the metabolism of skin. (3) dry skin the skin is fine and thin, with no obvious pores, less and even sebum secretion, and no greasy feeling. The skin is dry and looks clean, delicate and beautiful. Compared with oily skin, the pores are small, the cuticle is weak, but the skin has no luster. This kind of skin is not easy to produce acne, and has strong adhesion. 1t is not easy to fall off makeup after makeup however, dry skin can not withstand external stimulation, such as wind and sun. After being stimulated, the skin flushes and even burns. Easy to aging wrinkles, especially in the eyes, corners of the mouth is the most prone to wrinkles. Due to the lack of water, the skin feels tight and easy to exfoliate. 1f the skin is particularly dry, lack of oil, water, corners of the eyes, mouth and other parts are easy to have small wrinkles nursing methods due to the lack of moisture and oil, dry skin must be provided with sufficient moisture and oil through basic nursing, and the supply of nutrition should not be ignored. 1mmediately after cleansing, apply moisturizing lotion and cream, nourishing cream and essence to provide nourishing ingredients and moisture for the skin. Br / >
moreover, massage can promote skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, and improve the activity of skin function, so it must be done regularly. Dry skin becomes sensitive due to dryness and external stimulation. 1t is easy to get fine wrinkles and skin aging occurs earlier. So in the morning and evening basic care, easy to get small wrinkles corner of the eye, mouth and other parts must use eye cream< (4) mixed skin there are two different types of skin at the same time. Generally, it is oily in forehead, alar of nose and chin, with large pores and more oil secretion. Acne may even occur, while other parts, such as cheek, show the characteristics of dry or neutral skin. Most of the T-shaped parts are oily, and the cheeks are neutral or dry. The sebum secretion on the forehead is excessive and glossy. Sometimes there are pimples and acne. The skin on the cheeks is dry, tight, and occasionally horny nursing methods the forehead of mixed skin is prone to acne due to sebum secretion, but on the contrary, the skin on both cheeks is tight and dry, often horny, which is oily + dry skin. 1t is necessary to control excessive sebum secretion in T-shaped area and supply sufficient water to rough cheeks, eyes and mouth this kind of mixed skin needs to be supplied with sufficient moisture. The T-shaped part connecting the nose and forehead needs to remove excessive sebum and keep fresh. The U-shaped part of the dry cheek needs to be supplied with nutrition and moisture. Special care is needed for each part. When cleaning the face, massage the forehead and nose more carefully to remove the excess sebum and aging. Sebum secretion exuberant, pores easy to become thick T-shaped parts, the use of pore contraction effect of excellent convergence make-up water, stained with cotton, put a good effect. U position is very easy to lack nutrition and moisture, so we should use nourishing cream and essence to smear it carefully. (5) sensitive skin the skin is fine and white with less sebum secretion and dry. 1ts remarkable characteristic is easy to cause skin allergy, redness, swelling and itching after contacting cosmetics. They are also allergic to hot sun, pollen, mosquito bites and high protein foods due to personal physical reasons, sensitive skin generally has thin dermis, which is easily affected by external environment, such as air quality, humidity and some other human factors. The skin has oxygen, redness and red blood. When it is serious, it will suddenly swell a lot of small pimples, even edema nursing methods the maintenance of sensitive skin does not need too many steps, and the skin should not be affected by all kinds of cosmetics as far as possible, that is to say, the things used should not be too miscellaneous, especially when the skin has problems, the use of cosmetics should be reduced as far as possible, as long as the basic care is OK, the make-up can be avoided also, don’t use scrub exfoliating products, and don’t use general exfoliating products to massage too hard and for a long time. By the way, let’s talk about Chanzhen conditioning cream. Many posts say that massage for a long time can achieve good results, but for sensitive skin, this method is not suitable. Sensitive skin is already very thin, massage more will become thinner Oh< (6) skin lacking nutrition skin lacking nutrition has a serious feeling of collapse after cleansing. 1t has no elasticity, no luster, no vitality, and some parts will also feel collapse. The fine wrinkles at the corners of eyes and mouth are also obvious. Skin lacks vitality and softness, and needs concentrated nutrition and water supply nursing methods it is very important to supply sufficient moisture and nutrition to the skin. Regular and regular massage for skin blood circulation, 1~2 mask for 1 weeks, improving skin function and increasing skin elasticity. Br/>
early and late basic care must use nutritional cream and essence, feel particularly dry parts, please use the essence. Moreover, when skin feels very dry and rough, the proportion of the cream and essence 1:1 should be evenly mixed. After fully smearing, massage gently according to the skin texture. Through the massage for nutrition, the skin becomes moist and elastic. Especially easy to wrinkle the corner of the eye, mouth and other parts, early, late must apply eye cream

problem skin

the skin with acne, rosacea, chloasma, freckles that affect beauty in life, but are not infectious and life-threatening, is collectively referred to as problem skin< China labor insurance net

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