Classification of respiratory protective equipment

The commonly used respiratory protective articles are mainly divided into two categories: filter type and isolation type

filter type respiratory protective articles

(1) dust masks

are mainly filter type respiratory protective articles with gauze, non protective cloth and ultra-fine fiber materials as the core filter materials, which are used to filter out the particulate toxic and harmful substances in the air There is no protective equipment for harmful gas and steam

there are many forms of dust masks, including flat type (such as ordinary gauze mask), semi three-dimensional type (such as duckbill type folding, port type folding), three-dimensional type (such as mold pressing type, half face mask type). No matter which form, the protective part is mask. Considering the air tightness effect and safety, the three-dimensional and semi three-dimensional air tightness effect is better and the safety is higher, followed by the plane type

applicable fields and industries: medical and health, electronic industry, food industry, beauty care, cleaning, etc

applicable environmental characteristics: pollutants are only non active granular substances, and do not contain toxic, harmful gases and steam< (2) the respirator is a kind of filter type respiratory protective equipment with superfine fiber and active fiber as the core filter material. Among them, superfine fiber material is used to filter out particulate matter in the air, including toxic and harmful sol, activated carbon, activated fiber and other respiratory materials, which are used to filter out steam and gas compared with dust masks, gas masks can not only protect large particles of dust and aerosol in the air, but also filter harmful gases and vapors the form of anti-virus mask is mainly half face type, and there are also mask type application fields and occasions: chemical production, petroleum processing, rubber, tanning, metallurgy, welding and cutting, health and fire protection, experimental research, etc the applicable environmental characteristics are: the work or workplace contains low concentration of harmful steam, gas and aerosol (3) the filter type respirator is also a filter type respirator with ultra-fine fiber material, activated carbon, activated carbon fiber and other respiratory accessories as the core filter material(The mask is directly connected with the filter part, and some are connected with the air pipe the filter type gas mask and the gas mask have the same characteristics: they can not only protect large particles of dust and aerosol, but also protect poisonous vapor and gas the difference between the filter type gas mask and the gas mask is that the filter type gas mask has a wider concentration range of harmful gas and steam, longer protection time, so it is more safe and reliable. 1n addition, the protective part is also extended to the eyes and facial skin, and usually the sealing effect is better, with higher and safer protection efficiency main fields and occasions of application: chemical industry, petroleum industry, military, mining, warehouse, seaport, scientific research institutions, etc self contained respirators are divided into oxygen respirators, air respirators and chemical oxygen respirators according to different gas sources. According to the pressure inside the mask and the external environment during any breathing cycle, the respirator can be divided into positive pressure self-contained respirator and negative pressure self-contained respirator use conditions of positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus: the nature of harmful gas is unknown; The oxygen content was lower than 19.5%; There are harmful gases that are not easy to detect; The inhaled pollution gas will immediately pose a threat to life and health, when dealing with the accident of dangerous substances< (1) oxygen (oxygen nitrogen mixture) respirator is divided into open circuit respirator and closed circuit respirator the structure of the open circuit oxygen respirator is basically the same as that of the air respirator. The difference is that the compressed oxygen (oxygen nitrogen mixture) is stored in the high pressure cylinder when in use, the oxygen (oxygen nitrogen mixture) in the high-pressure cylinder is decompressed by the pressure reducer and then enters the mask for breathing. The exhaled gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere through the exhalation valve. The so-called closed-circuit type, as opposed to the open circuit type, means that the exhaled gas of the human body is not discharged into the surrounding atmosphere, but circulates in the respiratory system after filtering and absorbing carbon dioxide and replenishing oxygen, and the whole breathing process is isolated from the external atmospheric environment it can be used in coal mine, subway, metallurgy, military, petrochemical and other industries to provide long-term respiratory protection for rescue workers (2) air respirator air respirator is a kind of self-contained, open respiratory protective equipment, also known as gas storage mask, sometimes also known as fire mask. 1t uses the compressed gas cylinder as the gas source, but the gas contained in the cylinder is compressed air. According to the difference between the pressure inside the mask and the ambient pressure during breathing, it can be divided into positive pressure type and external pressure type. The positive pressure type always keeps positive pressure in the mask during use, which is safer. At present, it has basically replaced the latter and is widely used application place: widely used in fire protection, chemical industry, shipping, mining and other departments disadvantages: the protection time is short, generally dozens of minutes. Due to the large volume of the air respirator cylinder, its weight is large, and the wearer’s activities are limited< (3) chemical oxygen respirator advantages: long protection time per unit, low oxygen consumption, and good microclimate breathing conditions disadvantages: there is no reliable indicator to mark when the protective action time of the equipment ends, so in order to determine the protective action time, the wearer always uses a timepiece applicable place: chemical oxygen respirator is mainly used by disaster relief personnel in airtight and windless environment with high concentration of harmful substances and lack of oxygen in case of accidents other types of respiratory protective equipment (1) emergency escape respirator emergency escape respirator emergency escape respirator is specially designed for emergency escape, including special fire escape mask and isolating escape respirator which can be used in a variety of emergency situations fire escape mask is a kind of filtering respiratory protective equipment, which can filter dust, aerosol and general harmful gas vapor, and also has the function of filtering carbon monoxide (2) long tube respirator its most prominent feature is that it has a long airway (50 ~ 90m), which can be used with mobile gas supply source and mobile air purification station, mainly using compressed air steel pipe as the gas source, and some using filtered air as the gas source long tube respirator is especially suitable for long-time continuous operation in complex fire rescue and large-scale chemical, biochemical and industrial pollution environment. Typical applications include the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials, nuclear treatment and removal, and stripping and spraying isocyanate coatings (3) power supply respirator power supply respirator power supply respirator mainly adopts the principle of combining power supply and gas filtration to provide air source for users. The advantage of dynamic air supply is that it can reduce the respiratory resistance, form a certain positive pressure in the mask, and improve the comfort of use and the safety of protection we solemnly declare that this article is an original article of China labor insurance network. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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