Clothing Expo: Ningbo enterprises launch a kind of clothes that can be charged and heated (picture)

the reporter found at the Service Expo yesterday that a garment that can generate electricity at any time launched by Ningbo enterprises is quite eye-catching

the down jacket has attracted as much attention in this clothing Expo as the merchants have paid to the thermal underwear. Beilun District, a down jacket production enterprise told reporters that they recently received orders, 50% more than this time last year. Before the arrival of the cold winter, Ningbo snagli Clothing Co., Ltd. launched a garment that can be charged and heated at any time

the appearance of this dress is no different from that of ordinary clothes, but there is a black hairband near the waist in the inner layer of the dress. According to the staff, this is actually a heater with a far-infrared physiotherapy instrument, which can keep heating for 8 hours after charging for 3 hours

interestingly, the reporter saw that there is a USB interface on the charging device of the heating belt, that is, once the power of the clothes is used up, as long as the computer is connected with the clothes by wires, it can be charged and heated at any time

this kind of clothes which can heat has also obtained the utility model patent and appearance patent issued by the State 1ntellectual Property Office< According to the introduction, four or five merchants proposed to act as agents one day yesterday. Before the exhibition, snagli clothing company had already sent 20000 pieces of clothes to Northeast China Author: Xu Wenyan

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